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Introduction to solar power generation system

power supply in remote areas

he warned that people who work far away from public power stations will be very familiar with the noise generated by the machines used for power generation over the years, as well as the regular storage capacity required to maintain these machines. It is a trivial task for users to maintain

our company provides you with a complete set of cost-effective solutions to replace these annoying power generation machines, that is, what people often call "raps" (a remote area power system) - power supply system in remote areas

what is a remote area power supply system like

when you are faced with the high cost of investment required to connect to public power stations, you will feel that the power supply system in remote areas has very good economic feasibility. The battery unit receives the charging power from the solar cell module array and the wind turbine generator, and then discharges the power to supply the area. A generator is usually used as a backup for the system

our professional design engineers will design each set of power generation system according to the actual situation and requirements of customers. Our computer design software helps us to ensure that each set of renewable energy power generation system can save costs as much as possible and create benefits for customers with the greatest potential

how much capacity of power generation system do you need

the capacity of the power generation system you need depends on some basic knowledge and installation site of the friction resistance tester you need; The output performance of the power generation system depends on seasonal weather conditions. Our company can provide you with this information to help you make a decision

fixed inclination ground mounted amorphous silicon battery module

where should the solar cell module array be installed

the battery module array is usually installed on the roof of your house or in the open courtyard, and the direction is south, so that the array can receive light to the greatest extent and shadow to the minimum

our engineers can design the bracket of solar cell module according to the specific conditions of customers to ensure the best installation angle and inclination of the square array

about wind energy

if your area has good wind resources, it is a very good idea to use wind energy. However, before you invest in wind turbines, you should purchase an anemometer to measure the local wind conditions for at least 3 months. 4 Testing and recording the poor oil return condition of the buffer is a reliable method, because it can get rid of suspicion in the decision-making process. Otherwise, our sales consultants will provide you with relevant reference information, so that you can conduct the feasibility analysis of the investment

600ah sealed colloid maintenance free 48V battery unit

how much maintenance cost does the system need

the maintenance work required for solar cell modules, controllers and inverters is very little. Liquid batteries need frequent maintenance, while gel batteries are maintenance free and long-life. But the wind turbine needs regular maintenance every year to ensure that all components work normally

does the inverter and controller with maximum power tracking need special wiring work

each system we design and install has a conventional output of AC 220V, which is consistent with electricity. So customers can buy any conventional household appliances; However, please be careful when choosing electrical appliances. Do not choose electrical appliances that consume a lot of power, such as certain types of refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters or televisions. Because of the large power consumption, it means that the cost of using solar power generation devices also increases a lot. Therefore, please contact our staff so that they can give you reasonable suggestions and build a cost-effective power generation system for you

5250 WP solar cell array of animal husbandry station


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