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Introduction to pet heat shrinkable film

excellent properties of pet heat shrinkable film

pet heat shrinkable film has excellent transparency, gloss and heat sealing performance. It is suitable for high-speed packaging equipment. High shrinkage and excellent packaging effect. Light weight and low packaging cost can improve economic benefits. It is soft and tough, with high strength. It will not harden and become brittle at low temperature. Non toxic and harmless, suitable for food, medicine and other packaging, is an ideal green packaging material. During heat sealing, no toxic and odorous gas will be produced. Good barrier property, excellent moisture resistance, electrostatic elimination, not easy to be contaminated with dust

pet polyester film is an environmental friendly material. It has smooth surface, strong operation ability, high definition, stable size, high tensile strength, good wear resistance and high temperature resistance. It can be adjusted steplessly according to 1 or 10 times of the gear scale speed, torque and power. It has good metal plating performance, good electrical insulation performance, and excellent printability and sealing characteristics. The product is widely used, mainly for packaging and plating, magnetic carriers, capacitors and electrical insulation materials, chart printing, office supplies, etc. With the continuous improvement of export environmental protection requirements of the packaging industry, pet will be the preferred raw material for export enterprises. The pet heat shrinkable film and pet heat shrinkable label first introduced by our company are more representative in environmental protection packaging

pet heat shrinkable film is characterized by good low-temperature shrinkage, high shrinkage, fast shrinkage, non-toxic combustion and low heat generation, and environmental protection

Shanghai Shida plastic packaging products Co., Ltd. has business contacts with many of the most advanced multinational groups in the packaging industry all over the world. The company is mainly engaged in the field of packaging materials. Its PET polyester film products are from multinational and group companies such as Mitsubishi Corporation, Toyo Textile Co., Ltd., Konica Co., Ltd., DuPont Corporation of the United States, SKC (SK Group) of South Korea, etc. The above multinational groups cooperating with our company all have world-class film making technology and complete production system. The PET polyester thin film used for food packaging has obtained the license of the US "FDA", that is, the food and drug administration, and also obtained the UL certificate

processing of pet heat shrinkable label

pet heat shrinkable film can be made into heat shrinkable label and envelope through production and processing. It is widely used in the packaging and sealing of bottles, the insulation and heat resistance of electronic parts and batteries, and can effectively protect products. The shrink label is exquisitely printed, non fading, non falling off and non adhesive, which effectively improves the product image. While providing pet heat shrinkable films of various specifications, our company has introduced German full-automatic concave color printing machine, microcomputer controlled segment cutting machine, photoelectric automatic slitting machine, full-automatic palm closing machine and other equipment, specializing in the production and processing of high-quality heat shrinkable label machine bottle mouth envelopes of various specifications

pet heat shrinkable film specification and application

variety thickness (UM) length (m) shrinkage% (md/td) application

pet-1 30-602000 0/70 high shrinkage type, glass bottle, PET bottle shrinkage label, sealing label

pet-2 30-602000 5/70 low temperature high shrinkage type, PET bottle shrinkage label, low temperature sterilization process is applicable to

pet-3 30-602000 5/55 general shrinkage type, PET bottle parallel online shrinkage label, General shrinkage label

pet-4 2000 40/40 bowl cover material

pet-5 252000 18/50 cosmetic outer packaging material, sealing label

source: Shanghai Shida plastic packaging products Co., Ltd.

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