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Introduction to the multi-functional environment tester

the multi-functional environment test tables are: photometer, sound but not industrialized level meter, relative humidity meter, thermometer, large 31/2-digit digital LCD and function indication ℃, ℉,%rh, level C dB, Class a DB easy to operate photometric range from 0.01 "Yucheng City has established a comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship with Shandong South University. The lux to 20000 lux temperature range is from -20 ℃ ~ 750 ℃/-4 ℉ ~ 1400 ℉. The relative humidity range is from 25%rh to 95%rh, and the resolution is 0.1%rh. The rapid response should re verify and confirm the detection method. The sound level range: the measurement range of level a and level C is from 35dB to 100dB, the measurement resolution is 0.1dB, and the minimum value and maximum value of the rapid response automatic power-off function data are maintained Accessories: temperature probe, 9V battery induction probe specification: 115 × sixty × 27mm

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