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Introduction to TPT polyvinylidene fluoride composite membrane impermeability testing instrument

nowadays, solar cell products are used in many industries due to their advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and long service life. The service life of such products is generally designed to be more than 25 years. To ensure that the products reach such a long service life, it is necessary to strictly control the quality of each module. Among them, the role of the solar cell backplane can not be underestimated. The solar cell backplane plays a role in protecting the cells in the photovoltaic modules. One of the important indicators to measure the performance of the back plate of solar cell 21187-t4 is the water vapor permeability. If the penetration resistance of TPT polyvinylidene fluoride composite membrane is poor, the moisture in the air (especially in rainy days) will enter the inner side through the solar backplane, and the penetration of water vapor will affect the bonding performance of EVA, resulting in the separation of the backplane and EVA, so that more moisture directly contacts the battery and the battery is oxidized. The back plate used for solar cell module packaging is generally also called TPT polyvinylidene fluoride composite film. TPT generally uses a three-layer structure (pvf/pet/pvf). The outer protective layer PVF has good environmental erosion resistance, the middle layer is PET polyester film with good insulation performance, and the inner layer PVF needs surface treatment and EVA has good adhesion performance

Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. () as an international excellent supplier of testing instruments and services, now recommends permetm Bomi tsy-t series moisture permeability tester, permetm Bomi w3/330 water vapor transmission testing system, thickness gauge, XLW (PC) intelligent electronic tensile testing machine, bld-200s electronic stripping testing machine and other products to the industry

1. Permetm Bomi tsy-t series moisture permeability tester: there are three models of this series of instruments, namely tsy-t1l, tsy-t1h and tsy-t3. This series of instruments adopts the principle of weighing method and is applicable to the determination of water vapor transmission rate of backboard, plastic and composite materials. Through the measurement of moisture permeability, the technical indexes of controlling and adjusting materials are achieved to meet the needs of product application. The operation of this kind of instrument is intelligent, and the whole experiment process is carried out automatically without manual intervention. Tsy-t Portable 3 moisture permeability tester adopts 12 chamber independent test and can test 12 kinds of materials at the same time. The test process and the control of temperature and humidity are all automated

2. Permetmw3/330 water vapor transmission test system permetmw3/330 water vapor transmission test system can simultaneously complete the combined tests of three identical or different samples with independent results through the patented cavity structure design. At the same time, it adopts the host and satellite computer mode. One host can connect nine satellite computers, and can realize the simultaneous test of up to 30 samples, It meets the testing requirements of large-scale laboratory to the greatest extent

3. Appearance inspection of PV modules Labthink blue light can also provide sps-80t double light source color matching plate viewing platform for inspection of battery chip fragments, dark lines, colors, color differences and welding conditions. Sps-80t adopts the dual function setting of CIE D65 light source and a light source. All technical indicators fully meet the requirements of CIE International Lighting Committee and cy3-91 standard on color evaluation and color matching lighting conditions. It can be used for all-weather inspection

4. Three carriages for EVA export, domestic demand and investment of solar cell modules are used together to detect the peel strength (180 peel strength). XLW (PC) intelligent electronic tensile testing machine and bld-200s electronic peel testing machine are specialized in detecting the peel strength of EVA adhesive in solar cell modules. In addition, boiling water test is also required during the test. It is required that the peel strength does not decrease after being placed in boiling water for 3 hours

5. Thickness measurement of battery slice model chy-c2 or chy-ca thickness meter can be used to measure the thickness of battery slice and meet the requirements of high-precision thickness measurement of battery slice. The test resolution is up to 0.1 micron; In addition to the high-precision, high-efficiency and other features and functions of the chy-c2 product, the chy-ca thickness gauge adopts an automatic forward driving system for measuring samples, which greatly improves the testing efficiency and fully meets the requirements of users for continuous and efficient testing

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