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Lhe type electric hoist bridge crane is powered by fixed steel wire rope, but pay attention to whether the swing rod is a zigzag hoist as a lifting mechanism, which is installed on the centrally driven double track trolley and used together with the double beam bridge. The main beam and end beam are connected by detachable bolts. Hu Shuang is light in weight, small in size, good in grouping, economical and practical. Convenient installation, use, maintenance and transportation. It is applicable to the maintenance and assembly of machinery workshops, warehouses, stockyards, hydropower stations and universal experimental machines with light and intermediate systems. The display is stable, the accuracy is high, and the use is convenient for maintenance. Hu Shuang is a new type of bridge crane with small overall size, low wheel pressure and low price

the working environment temperature of this crane is -25 ℃ - +40 ℃. The lifting capacity is 5t-64t, the span is 7.5m-25.5m, the lifting height is 6m-18m, and the working level is a3-a5. This product is equipped with driver's cab and ground control, and we often talk about two forms of purchase surface control of material testing machine with our peers. Remote control device can be installed for user's choice

the specification of this product is the method as follows:

(1) ground operation

example: lifting weight: 3T, span: 10.5m, lifting height 6m, working level A3

expression method: lhe310.56da3

(2) operation room operation (separate operation room KS and closed operation room BS)

example: lifting weight: 5T, span: 16.5m, Shandong Hengxu Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of flexible packaging material detection equipment, lifting height 6m, Working level A3,

open control room operation

representation method: lhe516.56ksa3

(3) remote control

example: lifting capacity: 10t, span: 13.5m, lifting height: 6m, working level a3

representation method: lhe1013.56ya3

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