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Graduates majoring in publishing and printing pay more attention to development opportunities

the most difficult employment season for graduates of 2013 is not over, and the golden period for colleges and universities to hold the 2014 graduate autumn recruitment fair has come again. On November 15, it was found at the 2014 autumn double selection meeting for graduates of Beijing Institute of printing that the double selection meeting provided fresh graduates with rich choice opportunities, allowing enterprises to strive for talents when recruiting. Enterprises attach importance to students' professional background, and generally change their quality every six months. At the same time, they also hope that students have a down-to-earth attitude. When fresh graduates meet their favorite enterprises, it is a feasible way to start at the grass-roots level. Especially for some students majoring in printing, if they are ready to train themselves from the production line, the road to job hunting may be more smooth

students are more active under the severe situation

in the survey of five undergraduate, junior college and secondary and higher vocational colleges with publishing and printing as their teaching content at the end of June this year, printing and packaging professionals are still popular, and the employment rate has exceeded 90%. However, the overall grim situation this year still makes people dare not take it lightly. Compared with previous years, the employment difficulties of graduates of 2013 are even greater. As of September 1, the employment rate with short service life was about 94%. Zhaoyuan, the relevant person in charge of the enrollment and Employment Department of Beijing Institute of printing, told

Zhao Yuan said that compared with the same period in 2013, the employment situation of graduates in 2014 did not recover as a whole, basically continuing the situation of last year. Specifically, the enterprises that come to the job fair now are large-scale enterprises all over the country, which is related to the difficult life of some small and medium-sized enterprises. In previous years, some small and medium-sized enterprises came to recruit, but now the waves are scouring the sand, and the rest are relatively decent enterprises everywhere. According to Zhao Yuan's statistics, 12 of the top 100 printing enterprises participated in the job fair, accounting for about one sixth of the printing enterprises

on the one hand, more people attended the special job fair than in previous years; On the other hand, this year, the school of printing and packaging engineering strengthened its internship in the summer, sending more than 60 students to practice in enterprises around the country. After each enterprise's internship, some students tend to stay. Zhao Yuan said. Under the severe situation, the 2014 graduates are more proactive than the previous students

students are ready for front-line employment

Lao Guo, you shaved today! At the job fair of Beijing Institute of printing, a student teased his classmates like this. In the home battle of this byk-c 8003 school, the students not only pay attention to the neatness of appearance, but also have sufficient material preparation. At the booth of a packaging company, a graphic design student named Wang Dan not only handed over his resume to the enterprise, but also displayed the bound design works and hand-painted works over the years, and handed over the electronic version engraved into a CD to the enterprise. According to Wang Dan, she and her classmates carefully inquired about the enterprise before the job fair and put their resumes in a targeted manner

when choosing positions to apply for, students generally choose from their majors. Yang Ling, a master's student majoring in material physics and chemistry, studied printing engineering as an undergraduate, and mainly chose and developed positions when applying for a job. At the booth of Beijing zhongkona new printing technology Co., Ltd., the recruiter introduced her to the main R & D direction of the enterprise in detail, and Yang Ling introduced her internship experience in R & D, which was recognized by the recruiter

in the interview, it was found that students generally set the starting salary at more than 3000 yuan. They pay more attention to the benefits of the enterprise and their future development than the salary of newcomers to the workplace. It is hoped that after working in the workshop for 3-4 years, I will reach a relatively mature level in my major and become a grass-roots manager in 5-10 years. Li Yaping, from Qingdao University of science and technology, said she hoped that in the future, with the growth of length of service, her own value would continue to improve. She came to the job fair with 11 other students from Shandong. Some of them have got oneortwo job opportunities and hope to select the best through comparison

it is gratifying that the interviewed students all said that they were ready to start from the grass-roots level. Xuanyang, a packaging engineering major, told me that my family also started at the grass-roots level. They have always told me that if they don't start at the grass-roots level, their development will not be long-term. When Yue caiyue, a printing engineering major, suggested that working in the workshop might be hard, he said that he had three months of internship experience in a printing enterprise in Qingdao: young people, do more, it's okay! Although there are not many holidays, let's calm down

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