Graphic introduction of the hottest two rope grab

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Two rope grab is mainly used in conjunction with bridge cranes, port machines and articulated vehicles. It is widely used in ports, power plants, wharves, chemical industry, etc. with high transmission efficiency to grab all kinds of loose deposits, such as ore, coal, slag, etc. for loading, unloading, light stacking, feeding and other operations under normal conditions of use

7. Working principle of chemical composition analysis and metallographic analysis:

on the double drum articulated car, one group of drums leads a steel wire rope for support, and the hanger boom is straightened; (5) The verticality of the main shaft and the platform of the test bench is a group, and one branch is led out for opening and closing. After the grab is half opened, it falls on the object, closes the opening and closing steel wire rope, and the steel wire rope pulls the beam to close the two palate plates. The bucket is full of materials. The lifting support steel wire rope lifts the grab, and it is sent to the unloading site by the crane. The support steel wire rope does not move. The Panasonic opening and closing rope is opened with the grab, and the grabbed materials are unloaded

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