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Tips for energy saving of plastic mechanical variable displacement pump

if the plunger pump fails, under the condition of constant speed, by changing the displacement of the hydraulic pump, at the same time, the motor load will also change with the displacement, so as to save electricity. The main difference between variable displacement pump and standard quantitative pump is that the output power of variable displacement pump changes with the change of load, while the output power of quantitative pump is relatively constant. In the case of small flow action, the output power of variable displacement pump is very low, while the output power of quantitative pump is basically constant. Equipped with a high response power matching proportional variable pump system, the output of the hydraulic system of the injection machine matches the power required for the operation of the whole machine, and there is no high-pressure throttling overflow energy loss. Especially in the power saving of the glue injection process, glue melting and cooling process, the rich energy-saving schemes developed from various angles have a high effect, and the average power-saving effect can reach% in August 2016. For thick or large products with long injection and pressure holding time, the advantage of power saving is more obvious. At the same time, do you know how the electronic universal testing machine is composed? The motor power can be equipped with a larger displacement oil pump to speed up the whole machine

variable pump injection machines are generally used for small machines. For medium and large injection machines, the use of variable pump increases the equipment cost too much, which is very uneconomical. Medium and large injection machines generally adopt multiple joint working methods to achieve the purpose of changing the action speed. Through the loading, unloading and matching of the pump, the energy consumption can also be reasonably controlled. In addition, the variable displacement pump requires high cleanliness of oil, which increases the cost of variable displacement pump injection machine, and then limits its application

variable pump injection machines and servo controlled energy-saving injection machines have a relatively long development time and mature technology development. But so far, for Chinese enterprises, variable displacement pumps and servo controllers are basically imported from developed countries, which is due to the relatively backward situation of China's basic machinery manufacturing industry. Therefore, this is the reason why the market price of variable displacement pump energy-saving and servo control energy-saving injection machines in China is still difficult to attract downstream product enterprises

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