Graphene is the most popular material. Scientists

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Integrating graphene material: scientists are creating a new type of high-strength rubber band

rubber band is a common and practical tool/object in daily life that can ensure the stability of this kind of hydrogel by slowly deepening the chemical reaction to the center, but anyway, its essence is a piece of rubber. In the eyes of scientists, how can ordinary rubber bands play new tricks by 2030? In recent days, the rubber Union from Ohio announced that it would cooperate with scientists in the field of graphene to create a new generation of rubber bands that not only have high strength, but also have excellent elasticity

graphene is a very incredible material. In essence, it is thin carbon atoms arranged in a two-dimensional hexagonal lattice. This unique structure makes this material have incredible strength, and its strength is even higher than that of the toughest steel bar. Therefore, graphene is considered to be the strongest material in the world, and its potential applications are endless

at present, the alliance rubber is trying to explore more applications of this new type of rubber band, such as the bar code produced by the grocery store, which can change color according to temperature, and so on

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