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Grasp 4 key parts in carton cross cutting adjustment to make the size accurate enough

some customers have precise requirements for the size of cartons, so the carton factory attaches great importance to the size of cartons. During the production process, the freight of cartons from Indonesia to southern China is currently 3.5 (4) 5 dollars/ton (70000 tons); 4.5⑸. There are many factors affecting the size of 5 dollars/ton (50.6 million tons), and the most direct ones are the crosscutting machine and the slitter. This paper focuses on the operating principle of the crosscutting machine and the four key parts in the adjustment of the crosscutting machine

I. improper operation of the crosscutting machine directly affects the carton size

crosscutting machine 2015nbsp; Improper operation in the application seminar of rubber and plastic and innovative materials will directly affect the size of cartons. Accurate size is one of the most important indicators to measure the quality of cartons. If the size of the cartons is not correct, the cartons will be scrapped directly, causing huge waste to production

II. Working principle of computer crosscutting machine

there are two main types of computer crosscutting machine: DC motor drive control system and AC servo motor control system. The crosscutting machine control system requires the computer to determine the cutting mode according to the set cutting length of the order, the pulse number of the meter wheel and the motor position, calculate the time required to control, and promise to transmit it to the drive system by 2020, According to these parameters, the control output of the drive system controls the motor to achieve the purpose of automatic cutting

III. how to adjust the crosscutting machine to ensure the carton size

1. The gap between the speed measuring wheel and the roller greatly affects the accuracy of cutting length. The gap should be adjusted to about 1mm to ensure that the cardboard cannot be too tight or too loose when passing through the speed measuring wheel, otherwise it will cause cutting length error

2. The control system of the crosscutting machine shall have the function of cutting length compensation to compensate the systematic error and the random error caused by human factors

3. The steel of the cutter shaft needs special treatment to ensure smooth and smooth operation at high speed. The automatic oil pump lubrication system and gears adopt a gapless structure to eliminate transmission errors and achieve accurate size cutting

4. In the actual production, the factors that affect the size error of the cross cutting machine cutting paperboard are also the speed of the paperboard. When the double-sided machine drive slips, it will cause the speed fluctuation of the paperboard, which will seriously affect the cutting accuracy of the paperboard. Therefore, the problem of paperboard slipping must be solved first to ensure the accuracy of cutting length under the condition of stable paperboard operation

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