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On September 16, 2014, Advantech, the leading brand of global intelligent systems, held the 2014 cross strait Intelligent Medical Application Forum at Kunshan collaborative innovation and research center. At this forum, Advantech invited heavyweight hospitals on both sides of the Strait and important partners such as madiston, jag technology, Lvyang technology and Tibo technology to participate, share and exchange application cases and experiences of both sides in smart hospitals, and promote the implementation of smart medicine in China

in the face of an aging society, high medical expenses, the deepening contradiction between doctors and patients, and the development of ICT technology, medical experts on both sides of the Strait agree that digitalization, mobility, and long-distance real-time care will become the future trend of smart medicine, and the establishment of a data-based medical service management platform, in-depth mining and analysis of medical data in information systems, will provide data support for smart medicine. In the era of IOT, patients, medical staff, medicine bottles, equipment and materials should be connected with things, and data should be interconnected and shared. Advantech's patient-centered smart hospital platform is emerging. Lin Jinhui, associate manager of Advantech digital medical group, said

Advantech digital medical integrated solutions focus on the three areas of integrated operating room, high-quality medical care and intelligent medical treatment

mobile first, focusing on the three areas

Advantech digital medical integrated solutions focus on the three areas of integrated operating room, high-quality medical care and intelligent medical treatment, including registration, self-service navigation service, wireless physiological measurement system, bedside information system, timely positioning system, mobile workstation A series of software and hardware solutions combining the strength of partners, such as surgical anesthesia workstation, surgical teaching, surgical management, etc

in the field of high-quality medical care, combined with the electronic medicine chest, mobile monitoring station, intelligent infusion monitoring, wireless physiological measurement, remote consultation and other applications of the medical station of the mobile doctor nursing workstation, clinical quality control is realized, which greatly saves the working hours of medical staff and improves work efficiency. For example, when nurses measure physiological data for patients during ward rounds, as long as they are equipped with a wireless physiological measurement system, they can directly transmit the patient's body temperature, blood pressure and other physiological data to the medical information system and nursing information system, avoiding the time-consuming and error prone traditional handwritten records. The manual anesthesia information workstation in the digital integrated operating room can seamlessly integrate the physiological information during surgery and be installed in various anesthesia machines; The video capture card is installed on the all-in-one machine to store and present the surgical images, and the images are synchronously transmitted through the medical tablet to achieve long-distance medical treatment

with intelligent medical services, patients can register in the app of the intelligent terminal, query the progress of treatment and other information, and patients can also obtain medical information through the digital public broadcasting system in the hall, saving waiting time. For private information such as inspection reports, users can directly obtain it on the hospital self-service system to protect the privacy of patients. At present, intelligent medical services have been provided in the North Branch of National Taiwan University Hospital and the lakeside building of Taipei Veterans General Hospital. It is expected that there will be more than 1500 by the end of the year

Advantech digital medical focuses on three areas, including integrated digital operating room, high-quality medical care and intelligent medical treatment. The three visions are: 1) intellectualization of the operating room, 2) ensuring real-time medical care, and 3) building a patient-centered and smart medical platform. Jiang Mingzhi, general manager of Advantech intelligence (China), said

partner alliance, practice the landing of smart cities

in 2014, Advantech put forward the enterprise vision of the first year of the landing of smart cities, and held technology application forums in six major cities across the country to promote the landing of smart cities online cities. At the same time, Advantech released the "Advantech smart city application white paper" for the first time in the industry, providing the latest application cases and experience in seven industries, including medical treatment, logistics, retail, manufacturing, construction, agriculture and transportation, for the builders of smart cities in China

as a medical intelligence closely related to people's livelihood, Advantech has also worked in this field for more than 10 years. Since 2000, it has cooperated with American blood pressure instrument and equipment manufacturers for telemedicine for the first time. Advantech's partners include world-class medical equipment manufacturers such as GE and Philips. In the 2014 cross-strait Intelligent Medical Application Forum, Advantech digital medical and software manufacturers in the medical field such as Jiege technology reached a strategic alliance to promote the informatization process of China's medical equipment and processes, and jointly build a patient-centered platform in the following five aspects: smart hospital platform

at the meeting, smart medical experts and scholars on both sides of the Strait exchanged and interacted in the field of smart medicine, shared cases, discussed the latest trends and development concepts of the development of the smart medical industry, and stimulated both sides' innovative thinking sparks about the informatization construction of smart hospitals and the medical service process. The new three continents undertook the transformation of 90% of the Yellow standard car scrapping task in Wuxi, and promoted the real implementation of digital medicine in China

about Advantech

Advantech is a leading manufacturer in the intelligent systems industry, and has become a trusted international brand for customers with advanced technology and reliable quality. Since its establishment in 1983, Advantech has nearly 6000 full-time employees worldwide, with branches in 21 countries and 92 major cities. The third major event is that at this time, the industry group organization focuses on the automation market, embedded computer market and intelligent service market, and has formed a strong technical service and marketing network with a number of partners to provide customers with convenient services that are truly globalized, adhere to the layout of independent research and development, technological innovation and localization response. Yanhua takes the promotion of smart earth as its corporate mission, and takes driving smart city innovation and building a model of IOT industry as its goal to help industries accelerate their intelligent operation, and is determined to become the most influential global enterprise in the field of smart city and IOT. For more information, please check

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