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Mobile Internet terminals began to suffer from "Apple fever"

nowadays, with iPhone and iPad, Apple has become influential in the field of mobile Internet terminals, and "Apple fever" has rapidly swept the world. Brian white, a securities analyst, said that China had suffered from "Apple fever". In his article on his visit to China, he wrote that the enthusiasm of Chinese people for iPhone 4 and iPad is unprecedented. "Obviously, China is suffering from 'apple fever'." It is undeniable that not only Apple products are popular in China, but many tablet computers in China also follow apple in name

mobile Internet terminals suffer from "Apple fever"

turn over the history of apple. Apple's turnaround began with the emergence of iTunes and iPod. The iPhone and iPad after iPod pushed apple to its current peak. What does Apple mean today? Apple is not only a Mac, but also has some successful scientific and technological products of experimental machines with positive stress amplitude ratio. Today's apple, iPod, iPhone and iPad, have been imitated, but never surpassed

the emergence of Apple iPhone has set off a wave of intelligence in the world, and China is no exception. There is no doubt that China has suffered from "Apple fever". First of all, the best proof is that Apple products sell well in China. IPhone4 has been in short supply since it was sold in mainland China for two months, and it is often out of stock

operators are actively seeking cooperation with apple. Neither China Unicom, the only agent, nor Chinatelecom and China Mobile, who are watching, are willing to miss any opportunities to cooperate with apple. The data released by China Unicom shows that the scale of China's high-end intelligent market is as high as more than 100million. China Unicom has earned a large number of high-end users with iPhone4. China Mobile also began to be impatient. It was previously reported that Apple had reached a "cooperation agreement" with China Mobile, but the news was not confirmed. Nevertheless, China Mobile has taken some measures. In Beijing, 10 China mobile business offices provide SIM card "clipping" services for iPhone 4. In addition, China mobile station has also made a high-profile promotion of micro SIM cards dedicated to iPhone and iPad, and has begun production

domestic terminal manufacturers compete for products that can only rotate around the axis of the sample to imitate apple. Not only the appearance, there are many products that follow the trend of iPhone and iPad in name, and fake iPhone can be seen everywhere in the streets. Lenovo is the most promising one. From Le phone to le pad, which is about to be launched, Lenovo has also been pursuing unremittingly after being tested by SGS, FDA and other agencies

Le pad should be made for consumers, not the market.

the popularity of iPhone4 is not over, and iPad is ready to go. Driven by Apple's iPad, the tablet computer market is becoming increasingly lively, and manufacturers such as Dell, Samsung, rim and even Motorola have laid out tablet plans. Lenovo, as a local leading force, is also actively preparing for war. Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing recently told the media that Lenovo will join the tablet computer battle group next year to fight Apple iPad. "Lenovo also sees tablet computers as a potential growth market," Yang Yuanqing said

at the "Asia mobile Internet Summit Forum" held last week, Lenovo said that Le pad tablet will be released in the next quarter and is now in the internal trial stage; It is reported that the platforms of Le pad and Le phone will realize seamless connection and share application resources

before Lenovo Le pad was officially launched, all judgments on Le pad were just speculation. But from the previous strategy of Le phone, it seems that we can vaguely see the outline of Le pad. It can be seen that localization advantage will also be the magic weapon of Le pad. While the price is lower, Lenovo should make the hardware configuration better. As Liu Chuanzhi said, Lenovo will strive to maintain the same level or surpass apple in product technology, but this is completely different from competing with iPhone. Apple's advantage is its huge potential energy in all aspects, while Le phone's biggest advantage is only one point - in China

in terms of application, Lenovo paradise was launched in May this year. Recently, Lenovo has set up a "Le fund" to support the development of application platforms and encourage developers to innovate. The development trend of mobile Internet shows that the convergence of application platforms has gathered a batch of innovative resource development, which may become the gold mine for the next round of entrepreneurship of Internet. No matter how good the terminal is, it will only make bricks without straw if there is no supporting application. Once Le pad and Le phone platforms are connected, "Le fund" will become a major advantage for Lenovo to compete with other domestic terminal manufacturers. It can be said that Le pad is an important part of Lenovo Mobile Internet. Lenovo tablet computer should not only highlight its uniqueness, but also bring better experience to users. A successful Le pad should be made for consumers, not just for the market. Total 2 pages: 12 communication message

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