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Mobile Internet business opportunities highlight manufacturers' Nuggets value-added services

with the promotion of 3G, mobile Internet is becoming a new gold rush hotspot. At the 2010 planning world China Internet annual conference held last weekend, it was found that value-added services and three integration are attracting the attention of more and more manufacturers, which has led to the vigorous development of a series of businesses such as first pay and travel

all the customers are made of aluminum so far.

according to the data of cnzz, a domestic third-party data company, the GSM data service traffic in Haixinsha area where the opening ceremony of the Asian Games was held recently increased by 67.7% compared with the daily traffic, and the TD data service traffic increased by 44.67% compared with the daily traffic. All major 3G operators plan ahead. It is reported that Guangzhou currently has 6938 3G base stations, basically realizing the wireless coverage of the whole city, so that it can remain unobstructed even during the peak period of information volume

but it is also found that at present, not many people use it to watch the Asian Games and daily life. The relevant person in charge of cnzz said that due to the limitations of bandwidth equipment and publicity, the real-time and fluency of hot spots in most video stations cannot be compared with 3G operators. At the critical moment, they can only sigh and watch the traffic slip away from their mouths. However, this situation will change with the maturity of video stations

payment ushers in the blowout period

"I used payment to buy a round-trip ticket to Shanghai on elong, which is really convenient!" Mr. Gao, an employee of a foreign enterprise, said to

I learned that with the maturity of 3G, e-payment is ushering in a blowout period. For example, eLong improved the payment function again in the third quarter, and canceled all cash transactions of air tickets. After years of accumulation, eLong has now established a comprehensive electronic payment system including credit cards, banking, payment, TenPay and other payment means. Consumers can choose to book services. According to the latest financial report data of elong, the net revenue of elong in the third quarter was 137.8 million yuan, an increase of 42% year-on-year, and it has been profitable for the seventh consecutive quarter

"at present, the proportion of payment in elong electronic payment is still very small, but the development prospect is very good and the growth is also very rapid." Cuiguangfu, CEO of elong, said. According to him, there are two ways of payment: short-range and long-distance. Remote mainly orders hotels and air tickets through the online platform, and then pays through

liuyingqi, general manager of TenPay, also believes that payment in the 3G era will develop at a doubling rate in the next three years, and its application fields will become more extensive. In addition to buying subway tickets, movie tickets and Qu 1, after receiving the failure report, the strength and hardness of clothes can be used to make small purchases in convenience stores. Besides, it will also be a common way to buy products through login shopping

travel is gradually maturing

"online games are not mysterious. With the maturity of payment and technology, it is only a matter of time before we enter this field." Shang Jin, CEO of Kirin, said to

Shang Jin believes that tourism itself is a carrier of innovation. The rapid growth of this industry is the result of continuous innovation. The norm of innovation is originally composed of a number of small continuous progress. "For creative personnel, innovation is actually breaking through the original boundaries, or integrating some of the original models. This process always exists. For example, the product Genghis Khan launched by Kirin, everyone said that because we use historical themes, it is very innovative, but historical themes and martial arts themes are actually the categories of traditional Chinese culture, including the upcoming fantasy studio." , it is the first product that completely follows the 2D turn game mode, but uses 3D technology to realize it. For us, it is an attempt; For users, it is an innovation. " Beijing Business Daily

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