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Mobile is singing "cloud network" in the cloud. MWC 2012

cloud computing has penetrated into all aspects of communication infrastructure. Infrastructure network, software platform, it support system and terminal, everything should be cloud. Communication network architecture is being redefined under the influence of cloud computing

at the MWC 2012 feast entitled "redefining the composition of mobile driving the growth point of strategic emerging industries", cloud computing, which has given changes to the communications industry, is certainly indispensable. The ubiquitous cloud, rich cloud products and colorful cloud applications all indicate that cloud computing has entered a more pragmatic stage of development in 2012, and have a profound impact on the development of the communications industry

cloud redefines network architecture

cloud computing has penetrated into all aspects of communication infrastructure. Infrastructure network, software platform, it support system and terminal, everything should be cloud. Communication network architecture is being redefined under the influence of cloud computing

mwc 2012, Huawei first released softmobile series solutions, one of which is to transform EPC (evolved packed core) with cloud computing. Huawei said, "cloud EPC is a new concept put forward by Huawei for the future evolution of packet core."

in Huawei's view, the core of the future will be divided into device layer, virtual layer and application layer. The equipment layer focuses on the underlying facilities. 4) argument 2: the isomorphism of the push jaw is developing towards high performance and high integration; The virtual layer supports a variety of logical elements to dynamically share the physical capabilities of the device layer, while opening standardized APIs to the application layer, so as to improve the innovation space of mobile Internet business, speed up the development cycle of third-party applications, and improve the end customer experience

the lightradio exhibited by Shanghai Bell and the smart wireless architecture of NOSi are all permeated with the technical concept of cloud computing. In fact, the design concept of lightradio comes from the c-ran wireless access architecture proposed by China Mobile and manufacturers. He Qirui, vice president of Shanghai Bell, said, "lightradio is a development and extension of c-ran. The overall design idea is to use cloud to improve the processing capacity of base stations, while significantly reducing the floor area of base stations."

at present, cloud based stations have been considered by the industry as the next proposition for the future development of base stations. Juniper put forward the concept of programmable network on MWC 2012, giving more functions to the network through cloud computing and virtualization, instead of being a cold network that only provides packet forwarding

Kevin Johnson, CEO of zhanboluo, said, "in the next decade, we will experience new mobile services that we have never imagined before. By focusing on three aspects of innovation, namely, open and programmable networks, trusted mobile services and symmetrical Internet creation, our creation in the next decade will dwarf the innovation of Internet in the past decade."

cloud redefines life

at the same time, the role of cloud computing in redefining human life is becoming prominent

Shi Lirong, President of ZTE, said in the keynote speech of MWC 2012, "ZTE has a real cloud service called etrip. In the past, when enterprise employees went on business trips, they had to complete a set of cumbersome processes such as approval, loan, ticket booking, hotel booking, invoicing, reimbursement, etc. etrip transplanted all of them to the cloud through the network, which greatly simplified the process." It is understood that etrip services reduced the cost of ZTE by hundreds of millions of yuan in 2010, and also expanded more than 70 enterprise users for the company

coincidentally, Huawei also has a cloud based travel service --etravel. When mobile Internet meets cloud computing, mobile applications become richer. Mobile M2M, a mobile cloud computing application launched by zhanboluo on MWC 2012, allows users to obtain information anytime, anywhere through intelligent terminals

2011 is regarded as the first year of cloud computing in China. In 2012, cloud computing will become more pragmatic and more cloud applications will be launched. There is no lack of desktop cloud. The audience on MWC 2012 showed great interest in the manufacturer's desktop cloud solutions, which fully illustrates this point

since 2010, operators have begun to pilot desktop cloud internally, which has achieved significant savings in operating costs and significantly improved management efficiency. This year, desktop cloud will usher in scale deployment in both the operator market and the industry market

it is worth mentioning that cloud computing has begun to enter the family, changing the traditional life mode of the family. ZTE launched a home cloud solution on MWC 2012, while Huawei launched a new home integration solution for terminals. Before that, China Mobile also announced that it would launch personal Cloud Applications in the near future

and the foundation of all this is the data center. As the foundation of cloud computing, it will usher in scale deployment in 2012. IDC predicts that the number of data centers in China will reach 540000 at a CAGR of 1.3% in 2012

cloud redefines the law of competition and cooperation

the entry of traditional telecom equipment manufacturers into the enterprise business market also makes their relationship with mobile telecom operators become delicate

for telecom operators, the traditional communication market is becoming saturated, and they also hope to open up new markets and find new profit growth points. They also set their sights on the enterprise market and accelerated the transformation to cloud computing

once the master-slave relationship in the telecommunications market in the past is changed, equipment manufacturers and operators may encounter a positive conflict. How to resolve conflicts, Huawei said on its official Weibo, "For cloud computing, our strategy is to establish a telecom level cloud computing platform, efficiently support various services and applications, such as Electromechanical, 3-corner belt, tower wheel, speed regulating mechanism, 1:10 reducer, optical code disk, sliding scale axis, etc. at the right end, and use open interfaces to build a complete ecosystem, and finally help operators realize the transformation from pipeline providers to intelligent providers."

an analyst also said to that the industry involved in cloud computing is huge, and it is impossible for a manufacturer to expand alone. Openness and cooperation should be the attitude that telecom operators and other telecom equipment manufacturers should uphold in the IT market

at this MWC, industry leaders also have a new understanding of the positioning of operators in cloud computing. Previously, there was a saying that under the impact of cloud computing, operators will become "dumb pipes". In this regard, Leining Oberman, CEO of Deutsche Telekom, strongly refuted this statement in the MWC 2012 keynote speech. He pointed out that cloud services will bring more complex network needs than ever before, and operators have incomparable solid resource advantages. They should seize the opportunity to re-examine the value chain and become the aggregator of the cloud computing industry chain

it can be predicted that in 2012, telecom operators and equipment manufacturers will carry out more cooperation in cloud computing to jointly welcome the spring of cloud computing. Communication industry news

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