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On the afternoon of November 14, Comrade Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, accompanied by the leaders of the relevant departments of the Central Committee and the main leaders of Yunnan Province, inspected the service center of China Mobile Yunnan company, and fully affirmed the work done by the communication management department and telecom operation enterprises in combating pornographic stations, especially for China Mobile through system dial-up testing The combination of automatic monitoring and manual review has greatly improved the efficiency and effect of blocking bad information, and has basically achieved a high evaluation of the blocking of bad stations

according to the deployment and work requirements of the national "anti pornography and anti illegal" working group, China Mobile has quickly built an end-to-end governance system for pornographic stations, from discovery to blocking, and achieved good results by strengthening technical research, establishing a bad information dial and test system, innovating review methods, and implementing blocking in real time

system dial-up testing

real time monitoring of bad information

at the beginning of the special action, China Mobile quickly built a three-dimensional dial-up testing system and discovery channels that combined manual and system, and linked the company and society

first, the traditional manual dial-up testing force has been increased, and a two-level dial-up testing system covering the whole has been established to ensure 7 × 24-hour uninterrupted dial test

second, develop and promote the automatic dialing and testing system of bad information to realize the automatic dialing and testing of WAP stations

third, in order to fully mobilize and give full play to social forces, three social public reporting acceptance channels (10086), e-mail (@) and SMS () have been launched to quickly and effectively deal with various reporting information. Up to now, 43313 customer pornographic information reports have been accepted, including 38662 by SMS and 1020 by email

it is particularly worth mentioning that China Mobile innovatively launched the bad information dial test system, which realizes the automatic dial test of WAP stations. This system has been piloted since 2007, and has gone through five stages: R & D pilot, comprehensive upgrading, expansion and improvement, full deployment and continuous promotion. Through core technology innovation and management process innovation, using the automatic dialing ability and intelligent image recognition ability of this system, the dialing efficiency and dialing effect of Internet stations have been greatly improved

in Fujian, China Mobile Fujian company took the lead in establishing a comprehensive dream data service dial-up system in China, using a combination of system dial-up and manual dial-up to carry out 7 × The 24-hour intensive dial test has attracted the attention of the whole industry

at the same time, China Mobile Fujian also set up a special working group to formulate dial-up test management measures, form dial-up test reports on a monthly basis, and notify, warn, punish and offline relevant SPs of the problems found. Through strict dial-up test and assessment management methods, the business behavior of SP has been effectively standardized and the quality of information service has been improved

the dialing and testing results are obvious

the government departments highly recognize and promote the

since the China Mobile bad information dialing and testing system was put into operation, its innovative mode and dialing and testing results have been affirmed and praised by the central leadership. If only using the existing resources of the group, the system will be further promoted and applied throughout the country

in March, 2010, due to the remarkable results of the bad information dial and test system, the Ministry of industry and information technology held an experience exchange meeting on the special action to combat obscenity and pornography in China Mobile. In January and November 2010, comrade lichangjiang, the head of the national "anti pornography and anti illegal" working group, conducted a special survey on the dial and test of bad information in WAP stations, and spoke highly of the innovative measures of the system in the special work of combating pornography. In October, 2010, China Mobile's bad information intelligent dialing and testing system won the first prize in the national evaluation of innovative achievements in enterprise management modernization in the communications industry

at present, the main types of straightening devices are: roller type (divided into horizontal type and vertical type); Pulley type (divided into single pulley and pulley block); The winch type rapid expansion and promotion of bad information dial testing system. The bad information dial testing system established by China Mobile has set up three regional centralized dial testing centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, and set up front-end workstations in the other 28 provinces, districts and cities, thus establishing an automated and intelligent dial testing system that can cover the whole country

in addition, the strong network information technology guarantee and effective network governance of China Mobile Fujian company have been fully affirmed by Fujian provincial leaders and industry competent departments. The whole process of all-weather control has enhanced the controllability of network information, and from the source of information, strict measures have been taken to standardize network information, with remarkable results

in 2009, Fujian Communications Administration Bureau introduced the advanced network management methods of China Mobile Fujian company to operators in the province. The dream data service dial-up system initiated by China Mobile Fujian company effectively standardized the business behavior of accessing sp

automatic monitoring

developing new technologies to accurately implement blocking

blocking obscene and pornographic stations is a long-term and arduous work. Among the blocked stations, 99% are overseas stations, which can only be intercepted in China, and access cannot be blocked from the source. At the same time, pornographic station operators continue to try to avoid blocking by changing IP, using special client, encryption, proxy and other technologies, which poses new challenges to the blocking work

at the beginning of the special action, China Mobile quickly launched the rapid processing process for pornographic stations, and also formulated the operating rules for the classification and determination of bad information content according to the relevant national standards, clarifying the division of responsibilities and work processes between the departments of the group headquarters, the headquarters and provincial companies, effectively ensuring the efficient development of dial-up testing and blocking work

in Fujian, China Mobile established a "green channel" for rapid processing of pornographic stations, actively blocked stations that found pornographic and vulgar information at the first time, and handed them over to the public security organs for handling according to law, effectively ensuring the healthy development of business

in order to improve the efficiency of plugging and the ability of plugging equipment, China Mobile has actively researched and developed a new interception system -- China Mobile Internet flow control system. By developing the interface technology of automatically transferring the blocking list between this system and the dial test system of bad stations, China Mobile has realized the seamless automatic connection between the two systems in the shortest time, and improved the automatic blocking ability of pornographic stations

on this basis, the network maintenance department of China Mobile has made in-depth research on various technical ways for pornographic stations to escape the attack. For example, for the frequent change of IP technology found in the early stage, it has innovatively proposed a highly scalable technical scheme for blocking based on the flow control system, and established a central server of the flow control system in Beijing to realize the centralized and automatic distribution of blocking strategies; Through the front-end equipment of the flow control system deployed at each exit, implement strategic blocking and intercept all requests to access pornographic stations in the blocking list

this system adopts advanced packet inspection (DPI) technology, memory database (MDB) technology and message fault-tolerant processing mechanism suitable for all kinds of network faults, host faults and application software faults to realize accurate and automatic blocking

manual review

ensure the accuracy of monitoring data

in the special action against pornographic stations, China Mobile takes "rapid response, timely processing, service-oriented and excellence" as the guiding principle of blocking work. At the initial stage, it classifies pornographic stations according to the countries and regions they are connected to, and issues blocking notices through the full coverage electronic operation and maintenance work order system. The relevant international entrances and exits, domestic Internet entrances and exits The maintenance department of the provincial company shall deal with the interconnected entrances and exits and illegal stations connected to the provincial company

although the plugging work is complex and involves a wide range of areas, the full network maintenance department of China Mobile strictly does not omit or expand. With the rapid growth of the number of defective stations, in order to check the massive blocking data deployed by the headquarters and 31 provincial companies, China Mobile has developed a data verification tool, which improves work efficiency and ensures the accuracy of data verification through centralized and automated verification

in recent months, China Mobile has blocked an average of 600 ~ 800 non-performing stations per day. If manual methods are used, it is difficult to meet the needs of timely dial-up testing and verification. China Mobile has developed a verification tool to verify the full amount of data once a week based on the daily self-examination of Companies in all provinces. In order to ensure the accuracy of blocking data, China Mobile has continuously improved the configuration of blocking data and the closed-loop workflow of verification, established a verification system that separates the responsibility of data production and quality inspection verification, and combines self inspection with third-party inspection, and verified the blocking data of domain names and IP addresses of the group and provinces every week

at the same time, for the suspected bad information dialed out, China Mobile has established a manual review team similar to Yunnan Mobile's "mother class" in three regional centers and provinces to block the Yellow River related stations confirmed by the review in time. The "mother class" review team composed of female employees who have become mothers has certain life experience, strong immunity to bad information, serious and responsible work, and can use whether the next generation is suitable to see such information as a judgment standard, ensuring the comprehensiveness, accuracy and safety of the dial-up effect

through three-dimensional dial-up testing, manual review and automatic blocking, up to now, China Mobile has dialed more than 1.6 million stations. As of November 29, 2010, a total of 71907 pornographic stations have been blocked. Among them, 690 pornographic stations are accessed domestically and 71217 pornographic stations are accessed overseas. China Mobile has reported all the address information and evidence collection information of pornographic stations to the relevant competent departments

join hands with the industry

establish a blacklist system

in order to consolidate the achievements of governance and effectively block all kinds of bad information stations, China Mobile actively explores and works with the industry to jointly govern the obscene pornographic stations of JGJ 85 (2) 002 technical specification for the utilization of anchorages, fixtures and connectors for prestressed tendons. Under the leadership and deployment of the Ministry of industry and information technology, China Mobile has established a blacklist linkage system with two other operators, realizing the sharing and linkage processing of pornographic station information

in addition, China Mobile will also strengthen communication with the industry and industry authorities, constantly establish various management systems suitable for the new situation, optimize various business processes, and establish a normalized online pornographic and vulgar information rectification mechanism to ensure the long-term development of online pornographic and vulgar information rectification. China Mobile will also continue to develop various new technologies according to the actual situation, and use the content analysis and mining tools of the monitoring platform of pornographic stations to further locate the content sources of the discovered pornographic stations and verify the centralized distribution of pornographic content sources. At the same time, the advertising link analysis tool of the yellow station monitoring platform will also be used to check the advertising interest chain of the discovered pornographic stations by using techniques and algorithms such as advertising position identification and regression analysis

although various innovative measures such as bad information dial testing system have played an important role in the special action, compared with the severe task of combating obscene and pornographic information, it still faces many difficulties. Dial testing system needs to continue to improve in improving the recognition accuracy, and further strengthen technical research in dealing with constantly updated network illegal means. On the basis of the existing achievements, China Mobile will continue to improve and perfect the dial and test system of bad information, so that it can play a more intelligent role in the rectification of obscene and pornographic information

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