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CMCC cloud customer service intelligent outbound call, a treasure that has to be mentioned

in recent years, AI technology has developed and applied rapidly nationwide and worldwide. More and more government units and enterprises use AI technology to combine with actual business to save costs and improve work efficiency and income. Next, I will share with you the information outbound calls of common application scenarios of CMCC cloud customer service intelligent outbound calls

information outbound calls are mainly based on follow-up visits, notices and information confirmation, and can provide services such as policy publicity of government organs, follow-up visits of enterprise members to open accounts, follow-up visits of consumption experience, reminders of living expenses, etc

product introduction

relying on speech recognition, speech synthesis and other technologies, the outbound call task automatically dials, simulates the real person to communicate with the customer, informs the information, and transfers the manual according to the intention classification. There are two schemes of intelligent robot or intelligent robot + artificial for you to choose flexibly

from January to October this year, Thailand imported 413 extruders from China. Is it a little confused here

generally speaking, intelligent outbound call is to log in to the China Mobile cloud customer service platform through a connected computer to create an outbound call task, and the robot will automatically outbound call according to the task. After the task is completed, you can also view the outbound call results and statistical analysis, which is so simple

product advantages

improve efficiency: with one enemy, the robot can flexibly call out in batches all day long

help control: report statistics, dialing volume, connection volume data statistics and analysis, control the publicity awareness rate

cost reduction: the cost is doubled, eliminating additional costs and management costs

typical scenario

scenario 1: government policy publicity

city image publicity, external City publicity, including tourist attractions and urban culture

the government attracts investment, which is used to attract investment for foreign enterprises and promote economic development

the announcement of some external functions of the government, the announcement of external policies of government departments such as safety and transportation, and the issuance of instructions are convenient and effective

the government's publicity of external public welfare includes technological transformation and product innovation, including protecting the environment, paying attention to theft prevention, solutions to disasters, etc

scenario 2: enterprise satisfaction return visit

the traditional return visit can only be reached by dialing every day, but the robot does not need to rest and dials seamlessly. A robot can call more than 1000 in the same time, greatly reducing the cost of manual outbound calls by customer service personnel

case sharing

during the prevention and treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia, Sichuan Mobile provided cloud customer service intelligent robot outbound call capability to cities and cities to help screen the health status of community residents, and undertook the epidemic investigation intelligent outbound call project in five communities, including Jinyang community, Jifu community, South Railway Station community, Tiefo community, and baiguolin community in Qingyang District, The result of reducing manual screening is that the size of plastic parts is out of tolerance or deformation pressure, and at the same time, the epidemic screening efficiency is improved by a hundred times. The switch hook is being tested, and AI ability is used to help epidemic screening, which has achieved good results

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