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Introduction to the low temperature regulator of corrugated machine

the quality of corrugated board is closely related to the temperature and speed of the production line. Some high-speed corrugating machines can keep running fast even at low temperature. The key is to install a low-temperature regulator, which has the potential to be used in energy storage devices and composite materials. Years of practice has proved that these corrugated machines equipped with low-temperature regulators can produce high-quality corrugated cardboard at a very high production speed. As the speed increases, the temperature of starch adhesive must be controlled. These equipment can ensure the bonding quality of paperboard when the machine changes 23 varieties per hour in 24-hour continuous production

the maximum speed of the machine can reach more than 300 meters per minute. If the varieties are changed and equipped with computer control system, the specifications can be changed immediately, and the average production speed can be very close to the maximum speed

the low temperature regulator can be assembled in all parts of the corrugating machine, and its main features are as follows:

1. The adhesive process can be carried out at low temperature, which eliminates warpage and cracking and improves the quality of paperboard

2. It is suitable for semi gelatinized adhesives with extremely low water content, and the required vapor pressure is 40% lower than that of conventional equipment, saving energy

3. Because the standard starch can be fully gelatinized through special processing, although the dosage is reduced, it can ensure that the corrugated top has sufficient bonding strength

4. the adhesive gelatinization speed is fast, and the single corrugated board and double corrugated board maintain the same speed, which further accelerates the whole production speed and improves the production efficiency. Although it can also obtain the test report of fire-resistant B1 level and even non-combustible A2 Level in GB8624 (1) 997 version

5. The amount of adhesive used on the single-sided machine is almost the same as that used on the double-sided machine, so the paperboard produced is always flat

6. Keep the noise to a minimum. Both the single-sided machine and the double-sided machine are sealed in the chamber to block the heat of the preheater and reduce the noise

7, two shifts a day, changing 400 specifications, and the moving speed of the production line hardly decreases. The average speed is only 5% lower than the design speed of the corrugating machine. There is no need to reduce the machine speed when receiving paper, and the floating adjusting roller ensures high-speed and perfect paper receiving

8. the adhesive is transported through the adhesive heating device located between the single-sided machine, the double-sided machine and the paste tray. This device is designed to reduce the viscosity of high viscosity adhesive with extremely low water content and ensure its gelation at low hot plate temperature

the demand of the market makes the corrugated industry constantly change the current situation and develop rapidly. A West German company has adopted the principle of stereotyped design for all new machines. The characteristic of this design is that it can make single corrugating machine and double corrugating machine crack freely in the frame, and change the corrugating specification very quickly. In the two kinds of corrugated transformation processes, the preparatory roller can be preheated and rotated until the transformation is completed. The roll is loaded with an independent hydraulic system, and no adjustment is required during transformation

the existing preheater and preheater can be used as usual. If the length and speed of the paper feeder are enough, the unit can be directly installed in a complete set; Both the pressure roll and the corrugating roll have positioning data indication, and there is no need to install the regulator; The hose will not be disconnected, and the valve will operate automatically; The machine is equipped with wire embedding equipment to increase the strength of corrugated core paper. These features enable the operator to change the corrugated specification within a few minutes when the production line is moving at a high speed

in order to match with the single-sided machine, the gluing machine is also specially designed. As long as the paper performance allows, it can be completely consistent with the single-sided machine. The application of starch always conforms to the speed range of the machine, across the width of the paper roll. The paper roll control roller of this gluing machine is adjusted by a specific gap adjuster to keep parallel; The single-sided corrugated paper roll is effectively controlled, eliminating jumping or edge curling, so as to maintain the contact angle with the upper cot unchanged; The starch paste film can be automatically adjusted within the pre selected machine speed range, which can compensate for the high absorption rate of some papers at low machine speed

the basic feature of all machines is that there is an automatic diagnosis system in the machine, which uses color signals to locate and point out the faults of the machine, and puts forward suggestions and steps to solve the faults during the experiment. Due to the continuous development of modern science and technology, the corrugated industry is becoming more and more perfect

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