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There is a lack of scuffle standards in the competitive environment of banks

when the Spring Festival comes, people will go home to visit their relatives and travel. If there is the help of banks (or mobile banks), it will be much more convenient

due to the advantages of "anytime, anywhere, personal and fast", banks have launched banks, such as iPhone version and Android version, and introduced them to customers in the form of financial exhibitions

at present, 16 listed banks in China have launched banking business

"mobile banking is the new blue ocean of financial services." Caoxiaoqing, deputy general manager of China Financial Certification Center, said

in fact, with the increasing popularity of mobile terminals, the development of mobile finance will be more rapid, both at home and abroad

however, although various banks have launched multiple versions of banks, "the proportion of individuals using banks among the population above prefecture level cities in China is actually not high, only 6.3%." Cao Xiaoqing said

on the one hand, this data shows that there is a lot of room for exploration and opportunities in this market; On the other hand, it shows that customers still have doubts about the bank and are worried about security issues. For banks, how to ensure security is a challenge, and overcoming this challenge requires multi-party cooperation

It has been more than ten years since the birth of the two major obstacles to development in China, but the emergence of banks is only a matter of recent years

"in fact, many banks began to do technology research and development work of banks long ago. Everyone also understood the convenience of banks, but they didn't make efforts to promote it at that time." Ma Dehui, deputy general manager of the channel management department of the postal savings bank, said

Ma Dehui believes that the reason why Shanghai bank can be promoted first is that the Internet is a very standard platform, which is relatively standardized. In terms of use, users will be more acceptable, so it will be used soon

the platform of the bank is not very standard. For example, as far as browsers are concerned, some have their own browsers and some third-party browsers. "In terms of the previous model, it may be better for young people to have more contact, but there are still many people who don't understand before and after each experiment." Ma Dehui said

however, with the emergence of intelligence, the conditions of the client have improved greatly. Judging from the current market environment in China, it has the foundation for developing banks. At the technical level, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially issued the 3G operation license in 2009, and the three major telecom operators are accelerating the layout and promotion of 3G networks. At the same time, the size of our country is expanding, and the coverage rate is much higher than that of Internet and computers. In addition, the transaction scale of the mobile Internet market continues to expand, and there is huge room for the development of the e-commerce market

the two major obstacles in front of banks now are that the diversity of versions brought by clients restricts the development of banks, and bank security issues need to be solved

the competitive environment is chaotic

whether it's mobile finance or finance, these words have become more and more fashionable. "Everyone seems to think that this can bring us great changes. Now it can be said that successive people are working hard there. There is a saying in the industry that I am deeply impressed, saying that the field of mobile finance is countless gold mines, and you can dig it, just like the Internet in those days." Huang Fangping, director of the innovation business division of the e-banking Department of the Agricultural Bank of China, said

however, this field involves a wide range of operators, third-party operating companies, UnionPay, and even manufacturers. These relevant parties are also making some attempts now, with a great sense of hegemony among the princes of the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period

"what a mess!" Huang Fang, said Ping, a leader in the research and development of new models of Jinan testing machine factory

online payment is even more "chaotic". There is a lack of payment standards, and the application environment is also a problem. Because online payment is equivalent to using instead of bank card. "If we understand it from the perspective of mobile finance, we now have a saying in the industry that it is both an ATM machine and a POS machine. Now there is a way to swipe. Take yours, and how much do you want to pay me? Take mine as a POS machine and yours as a card, and swipe each other directly. If you use remote payment, it is also a bank terminal." Huang Fangping said

of course, this way is convenient, but in addition to the bank, other third parties, operators and manufacturers are also reluctant to give up this "cake" of online payment. How to go down healthily and quickly is not clear at present

for banks, in addition to the chaotic competitive environment, the banking platform is also slightly chaotic. The development of terminals is changing with each passing day. Today iPhone dominates the market, and tomorrow Android will become the mainstream. Who will dominate the market is uncertain. "All versions have to be developed and debugged, which is very tiring for us and inconvenient for customers to use. I hope the bank platform standards will become more and more standardized." Ma Dehui said

theoretically, banks can integrate various banking service functions such as account management, transfer and remittance, payment, deposit and withdrawal, investment and wealth management, tripartite depository, agent payment, credit card, consultation, etc. one can manage all personal financial accounts to meet all investment, wealth management, consumption and other needs

but now many standards based on banks have not been established. In fact, domestic banks are still at the level of consumption and transfer

security requires multi-party cooperation

in the view of customers, no matter how convenient the bank is, as long as money is involved, the most important thing is security

at present, the bank mode is mainly number binding bank account, which has great hidden dangers. At present, the main cases are that customers directly deposit information for convenience, which is easy to be stolen by others. Therefore, customers themselves must first have a sense of prevention

experts suggest that users should do a good job in the following: properly keep the password, set a reasonable transfer payment limit, open the prompt SMS notification service, beware of false WAP addresses and phishing, and timely clear the temporarily stored account, password and other sensitive information in the memory after using the bank

for banks, security risk control should also be strengthened. Zhonglouhe, director of the operation and risk management division of the e-banking Department of Huaxia Bank, believes that in improving security, it is necessary to achieve full staff control, full process control and all-round control. All staff control is more targeted at the internal of the bank, including product development, system operation, operation, etc. there should be an internal control means in the whole process to ensure correct operation

the whole process control is to monitor the whole process of customers' business and customers' transactions through technology and business means, and analyze transaction behavior and status to prevent risks

omni directional control is to consider safety factors from multiple aspects, such as personnel management, manufacturing process simplicity, system control, process design, etc

"security issues involve a wide range of aspects and require multi-party cooperation." Zhong Louhe said. For example, in the case of phishing stations and fraud information, banks should do their part, operators cannot avoid it, law enforcement departments should also deal with it quickly, and even customers themselves should strengthen the security of their computers and

Zhong Louhe believes that the inconsistent means of bank security authentication have brought a lot of trouble and pressure to banks. If these technical standards, safety certification and control means can be unified with the automatic conveyor belt, it will be of great help to the development of banks. Investor news

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