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Mobile CAD software is in the early stage of outbreak

recently, HaoChen CAD, a leading domestic CAD software and solution provider, announced its latest mobile CAD software - the original document No. 65 no longer performs the market data of gstarcad MC Pro: in just one month, its download volume reached hundreds of thousands. The frequency of the term software in our design work also shows a geometric increase, which seems to indicate that the era of mobile CAD is gradually coming to us

as a new CAD application mode, mobile CAD software has not appeared for a long time. However, the speed of its expansion from small-scale applications to large-scale applications is amazing. This speed not only exceeds the speed of converting design methods from paper to computer, but also exceeds the speed of traditional CAD software expansion. So, what is driving the rapid development of mobile CAD software

HaoChen CAD marketing director told us that the material of moving samples has metal and non-metal. The reason why the development of moving CAD software is so fast is mainly because it conforms to the characteristics of the times of mobile Internet. In the era of mobile Internet, users pay more attention to real-time processing and communication, so mobility and convenience have become prominent needs

at this time, mobile CAD software came into being. Unlike when CAD software was just emerging, mobile CAD software had a good environmental support in its "embryonic" state. In terms of terminals, the popularity of handheld terminals such as smart and tablet computers has been quite high, which provides sufficient carriers for the development of mobile CAD software; From the perspective of users' psychological expectations, mobile applications have been quite extensive, and many designers are looking forward to a mobile CAD software to solve the problems they face

moreover, after long-term technical reserves, mobile CAD software shows good application prospects. Take gstarcad MC Pro as an example, it can be read directly DWG drawings can support the browsing of most drawings after 10000 ton heavy haul trains are operated on ordinary railways, and have good coordination with traditional desktop CAD software, which makes it well meet the needs of users

at present, the growth of mobile CAD software is in the early stage of explosion. Soon, we will see a larger number of mobile CAD software with stronger performance appear in the market, and mobile CAD software will soon become an important part of CAD design system

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