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The growth rate of China mobile industry will further slow down. Financial report 3 digital refraction dilemma 3G utilization rate is only 15%

elephants can also dance, but the protagonist of the stage may no longer be it

after a round of anti-corruption storm and another year of unsatisfactory TD-SCDMA market expansion, China Mobile, an elephant, still had to embark on the stage of annual report release: its operating revenue in 2011 was 528billion yuan, an increase of 8.8% over 2011; The profit attributable to shareholders was 125.9 billion yuan, an increase of 5.2% over 2011

you are right. This figure is far lower than GDP, which is not a good omen. By the way, don't count inflation! The other three figures behind it may reflect the plight of the global telecommunications giant

the long tail market with 65.55 million users

according to the annual report of China Mobile, the number of customers of China Mobile in 2011 was close to 650million, which continued to rank first in the world, and the number of new users was as high as 65.55 million. Good thing? No

according to the analysis, the 65.55 million users are mainly caused by rural users and floating population (and mainly migrant workers). In other words, when Chinese users are rapidly approaching 1billion, only farmers and migrant workers are still a blank market to be explored. Those uncles who drive tractors may have to buy one because of the low price bombing of 1000 yuan smart machines and 250 yuan low-end machines, or because of the face of the villagers, or in order to contact their children who study and work in the city. It is also in this case that China Mobile is rushing towards the last virgin land, hoping to irrigate an oasis in the desert, which is a barren long tail market

however, grass seeds grow in this oasis, not rice. Therefore, although the user increment is more than 10%, the total call minutes of customers continue to grow. The total call minutes of customers reach 3887.2 billion minutes, an increase of 12.3% over 2010, but the total revenue has increased by 8.8%. In particular, due to the impact of various IM, the revenue of SMS and MMS fell from 46.9 billion to 46.5 billion, and the voice revenue also continued to be impacted

undoubtedly, this contrast inevitably means the decline of ARPU value: the average monthly income per household (ARPU) is 71 yuan, and the "slowdown in the decline" seems to be enough to comfort Wang Jianzhou and Li Yue, the retiring president. Behind this gratification, isn't it more helpless? A sigh

15% 3G network utilization rate

1g market is gold. Although the user value is high, there are a few users who can buy gold after all; The 2G market is silver, which once occupied the vast majority of the market share of global currency circulation. The operators who control the market are also making a lot of money in the process of developing UD belt technology; The 3G market is bronze, which everyone can own, but bronze will not bring much new revenue to operators. Although, as a tool, bronze 3G can bring many benefits to consumers on the mobile Internet. When tools are invented, they no longer belong to the inventor, and so does 3G

for China Mobile, TD-SCDMA, a 3G with insufficient quenching, is especially true. In 2010, although it claimed to have 20.7 million 3G users, the utilization rate of 3G network was only 9.9%. By the end of 2011, China Mobile had more than 51million 3G users, increasing to 13.8%. Li Yue's goal in 2012 was to increase this number to 15%. I don't know when the large amount of construction investment in the early stage will usher in income

the changing market is like a treacherous rumor, who knows, it's deplorable

subsidy of 17.2 billion

in 2011, the subsidy of China Mobile reached 17.2 billion, which will increase to 20 billion in 2012, mainly for TD and 1000 yuan smart machines. Compared with the profits of China Mobile, this figure is certainly not very high, but we need to know that the rich dare to spend lavishly, mainly because there will be greater benefits in the future. When the future is highly uncertain, rational rich people dare not spend easily

therefore, once the wealth of the rich turns around, I'm afraid I have to tighten my pockets. The capital expenditure of China Mobile is expected to be 131.9 billion yuan in 2012, which fell to 130 billion yuan and 125 billion yuan in 2013 and 2014 respectively. TD-LTE has only expanded to nine cities, and the progress is slow

although China Mobile wants to introduce iPhone very much, passion finally gives way to reason. The exorbitant price is not in the interests of China Mobile, an elderly elephant. Far from it, no overseas operator has made significant profits through the introduction of iPhone, although some people think that it is also a profit to defeat the competitors without iPhone; Recently, the performance of China Unicom has not improved because of the iPhone. CLSA predicts that China Unicom's profit in 2011 was only 5.6 billion yuan, with a net profit margin of 2.6%, or even worse than deposits that are already negative value. This is mainly due to iPhone and other subsidies. Similarly, it is predicted that the maximum experimental force that the secondary fixture selected by CEC can withstand will also be 10kN. In 2011, the profit margin will increase by about 10%, and in 2012, it may fall by 10% due to the subsidy of iPhone. The bloody case caused by the three rich men fighting for an apple is being staged in different languages in different countries. What can I do

when the industry is mature, China Mobile may really become a "public welfare central enterprise" in the future? 21st Century Business Herald

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