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Introduction to the latest technology of coating thickness gauge

coating impact testing machine is essentially different from universal testing machine. At present, the latest technology of thickness gauge at home and abroad, whether famous brands or general manufacturers, their operation methods of thickness gauge need the following steps: 1. Zero adjustment, that is, zero adjustment on a specific Zero plate, or zero adjustment on the original substrate that needs to be measured; 2 adjust the value with appropriate test pieces according to the different measurement ranges of the measured products to reduce the measurement error. Generally, there is no problem with this method when the instrument is newly purchased and used, but it is a little cumbersome. But when the probe is used for a period of time, the problem comes out. There are conditioning buttons on the operation controller panel, and the measurement accuracy of our instrument is greatly reduced. It's hard to grasp. The reason lies in the principle of the product, which is a fatal defect, that is, the probe uses a magnet to wind the coil. After the current is applied, a magnetic field is generated, which is irregular. Fortunately, there is a new type of coating thickness gauge, which uses the latest magnetic induction technology. That is, we know the Hall effect with adjustable range. Hall was discovered in 879 by 1 light source: cold light source. By studying the relationship between the Hall voltage and the working current, measuring the magnetic field and permeability of the electromagnet, and studying the relationship between the Hall voltage and the magnetic field, hall found that this potential difference uh is directly proportional to the current intensity I h, is directly proportional to the magnetic induction intensity B, and is inversely proportional to the thickness d of the sheet. This magnetic field becomes regular. If this principle is applied to the coating thickness gauge, there is no need to adjust the test piece. Especially when measuring circular arc or concave products, it is simpler and more convenient to use

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