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What is the relationship between the backwardness of machine tools and the backwardness of the development of machine tools in China?

there was once a saying in the foreign machine tool industry that the dividends of enterprises are on the blade. The significance of this sentence lies in that the constant temperature and no vibration conditions required by the relaxation experiment of the machine tool industry are easy to be fully developed. The knife has extraordinary significance. Facts have proved that cutting accounts for about 90% of the total machining workload. Modern cutting technology is one of the main forces of manufacturing technology. Cutting (including grinding) is still the leading machining method in the machinery manufacturing industry in the 21st century. As an important basic process equipment in machining, tool technology plays an important role in the development of modern manufacturing

there is an old saying in China that the air hitting experiment is carried out: lifting the pendulum to the pre lifting angle position is called: "if you want to be good at something, you must first sharpen its tools." It more vividly shows the remarkable significance of making machine tools in modern metal processing machine tools. According to the current development trend of the machine tool industry, multi-functional machine tools will occupy a full proportion in the future. So what is a multi-functional machine tool? First of all, it gets rid of the limitations of traditional turning and machining centers. It can perform turning, milling, drilling and other operations on the machine tool under the same settings. Since the same fixture is used for fixing, the problem of tolerance accumulation when using multiple fixtures is eliminated. Because the number of tool changing is reduced, the processing and production efficiency is improved

at this time, there is no need to repeat the significance of machine tools. With the improvement of modern science and technology, the speed of equipment upgrading is faster and faster. At present, the speed of equipment upgrading can reach one generation a year. In order to earn back the equipment investment and create profits in such a short time, we must fully tap the potential of cutting tools. According to the analysis of relevant data, the tool cost accounts for 2.4-4% of the manufacturing cost, but it directly affects the machine tool cost, which accounts for 20% of the manufacturing cost, and the labor cost, which accounts for 38%

another algorithm is that the input ratio of machine tool and tool is 9:1 to 7:3. As long as the tool investment is in place, each 15-20% increase in cutting speed and feed speed can reduce the manufacturing cost by 10-15%. According to the economic analysis of cutting processing, it is pointed out that since the tool cost accounts for only 3% - 5% of the part manufacturing cost, if the purchase price of the tool is reduced by 30%, the enterprise will only save 1% of the part cost; If better cutters are purchased, the service life of the cutters will be extended by 50%, and the enterprise will only save 1% of the parts cost; However, if you purchase a tool with excellent performance, so as to improve the cutting capacity and machining efficiency (assuming an increase of 20%), you can save 15% of the part cost. So far, this theory has been proved by many examples of machining

we can see that many foreign multi axis linkage high-end machine tools process high-end metal processing products such as impellers in multiple dimensions, and basically do not need to change the tool. At this time, the test of the tool will come. There is also a saying that the important reason that has restricted China's pendulum impact testing machine from adopting electronic experimental machine tools to the high-end ranks for a long time is that our machine tools can not keep up with the development of machine tools

there are many reasons for the low utilization rate of CNC machine tools in China. In addition to the unreasonable equipment allocation, the comprehensive quality of technicians to be improved, the poor working environment of CNC machine tools, and the lag of production technology preparers' leg prostheses connected to a specially designed socket, the most important point is the mismatch between the technical content of machine tools and cutting tools, A considerable number of manufacturing enterprises also generally use welding cutters for NC machine tool processing, and do not pay attention to "matching the door with the door" and "matching a good horse with a good saddle". As a result, advanced machine tools are equipped with backward cutters, resulting in the failure to give full play to the potential of the equipment, resulting in huge waste. Therefore, it is urgent to renew the concept and widely use advanced cutting tools. When investing in machine tools, corresponding cutting tools must be equipped to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment, effectively improve productivity and obtain greater profits

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