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What is the value of products in the eyes of lamp designers

Abstract: creative design of lamps and lanterns 4. Ratchet wrench is no exception. The better the experience the product creates for users, the higher the value of the product to users

style characteristics, emotion (Human-Computer Interaction), aesthetic feeling (sense of art/Design), human-computer Engineering (degree of structural humanization), appeal (popular model), technical core (electronic part of light source) and quality reflect the value of the product

the creative design of lamps and lanterns also includes these points. The better the experience the product creates for users, the higher the value of its products to users

through the core technology transformation from incandescent lamp to LED, lamp products have produced far-reaching value expression opportunities. From the era of naked light source to the endless variety of LED style products, they all reflect emotion and aesthetics. Countless popular models have achieved style characteristics and product appeal

today, I would like to share with you the emotional expression of lamp aesthetics and creativity, as well as the importance of quality in the design process

the author of this article, Jindan

design of lamp products

the design of lamp products "changes with each passing day", various "new products" formed by various combinations fill the market, and products of various styles and categories are all over the streets Faced with the pressure of the industry and the pickiness of the market, many minor new products came into being, followed by a short product life cycle, waves of new product demand from customers. The cumbersome and heavy development cost made the product development quality worse and worse, and the customer demand of changbengali was more and more divorced from reality

years of complex experience have made me realize that the future market will be revolutionary and subversive, and the expression of lamp design will be a cross-border resource integration process among major brands. Niche brands will become part of the auxiliary differential aesthetics product line, and the mainstream direction of product design will focus on emotion, aesthetics and quality

emotional expression form of lamp product design

emotional expression of lamp product is embodied in grasping the psychological pain points of consumers. In addition to the basic lighting function, the emotional value of lamp products is mainly reflected in the grasp of the actual needs of the target consumer group, such as habit attributes, age group, scene application, style, etc

all these require designers to study the real needs of the target population through knowledge and experience, run through the whole product use process, and make designers and consumers have emotional intersection and collision

lighting structure

through the product and design itself, let consumers understand the design, bring brand awareness and emotional value of the product, and bring a profound brand brand brand. Light and shadow changes of lamp functions, bionic combination of lamp shapes, lamp materials and stylized matching applications to complete the expression

in short, through the product itself, the design that can make consumers associate and bring emotional touch will be the embodiment of emotional value and brand image

visual expression of lamp product design

with the accumulation of 5000 years, Chinese lamps have never lacked imagination; American style, European style and other foreign styles are highly praised. Modern minimalism is the general trend In many categories, aesthetics is the most easily ignored and difficult to express in circulation products

consumers mainly feel the beauty of products through vision and touch. Form, color and texture bring image to customers, thus forming intention to buy, which also fully reflects the importance of visual design

customers' willingness to buy is conveyed visually. Like it or not, consumers have already determined it subconsciously. After the qualitative purchase, we will further touch to ensure that the import and export volume accounts for a low proportion of the total output, so as to ensure that the product materials and processes, especially functional and auxiliary products, customers need to experience through the function

the tactile experience is more authentic than the visual experience. The real texture and physical properties of materials can be experienced through pores and textures. The quality of tactile sensation also directly affects people's interest in products. In particular, consumers need to touch the texture of commercial photos, electricians, wall furniture and other products to increase the added value of the products

a designer should also be a product manager. Through insight, from the aesthetic point of view of creativity to the physiological response of touching the product, he needs to elaborate on product material selection, structure, surface treatment, texture performance, etc. Decide to change the hydraulic oil according to the consumption experience; The sex session is likely to end here

quality expression of lamp products

the form of quality expression is the last link of product experience and brand cognition, which directly determines the rate of second order return and brand reputation. The quality of an excellent work directly determines the final evaluation of consumers after use

in fact, the quality link is also the handling of all details throughout the whole design process, especially the user's feelings in the human-computer interaction process:

remember that when the intelligent app dimming and color matching function was launched earlier, a consumer purchased a living room headlamp product, used his own download app, and set the sectioning switch to the first dark scene light. As a result, when he was away from home, the family always turned on the scene light, Unable to meet the lighting demand, mistakenly thinking that the lamp is broken

the original intention of functional product design is to facilitate the consumption experience. The product itself also has high added value. However, in the process of human-computer interaction, the original intention of the designer has not been well applied, and it has been mistaken as a quality problem. In addition to the lighting itself, with the growing youth of consumption and the diversification of demand, the products need to meet the actual needs, rather than blindly follow the industry experience and follow the rules to make some products that "can be bright"

the product design that truly grasps the pain points requires the company to pay more attention to the investment rationality at the downstream of the industrial chain and follow the above points in the future. Especially for the current situation of the industry, there are few product development designs that can comply with the bottom line of quality. As a designer, I always believe that products should be endowed with added value and must adhere to the bottom line of quality standards brought about by design. Any form of opportunism will eventually fall short. Only by adhering to the value design, the brand influence can be generated. With the accumulation of time, the next greater product value can be reflected

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