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What is the value of genuine consumables

nowadays, printers have become a kind of household consumer goods and have entered people's daily life. People tend to be generous when buying printers. However, when purchasing consumables, the situation is different. Many users complain that an original genuine consumable costs hundreds of yuan, while a printer is only more than 1000 yuan, which is really not worth it. Therefore, many users use some inferior ink cartridges or filled ink cartridges despite the low price. As a result, the printer is usually damaged to varying degrees

what are the problems caused by using inferior ink cartridges or filling ink cartridges? The professionals from the manufacturer of the report format machine for testers to choose their own preference told that when using inferior ink cartridges or filling ink cartridges, they often encounter problems such as toner or ink leakage, printer paper jam, print head blockage or wear, and squeak. Sometimes the ink cartridges stop working before the estimated number of normal printable sheets, which virtually increases the cost of consumables

at present, when calculating the printing cost, many users simply add the unit prices of printers and consumables in a linear way, ignoring the impact of the interaction between printers and consumables on the printing cost. In fact, the printing operation is an overall system. The comprehensive printing cost should include not only the printer and consumables themselves, but also all other costs related to the printing operation. For example, due to print quality problems, the printed matter cannot be used, which not only increases the paper cost, but also wastes the staff cost due to reprinting. In addition, the printer fails to work due to consumables, which increases the maintenance cost of the printer and so on

therefore, experts in printer consumables also remind users that it is best to use genuine consumables, which can not only enjoy the quality assurance provided by the printer manufacturer, but also virtually prolong the service life of the printer. For example, the use of Lexmark printer and Lexmark original consumables can produce a good cost performance. Some users often have questions. They always think that Lexmark's original consumables are more expensive than those of other manufacturers. In fact, they are not. Many users still do not understand the real value of Lexmark consumables. Where is the body gap hydraulic impact specimen broaching machine including the bed reflected? On this issue, I specially interviewed Ms. Liu from the consumables Department of Lexmark

to achieve perfect printing quality, it is not only related to the printer, but also related to ink, cartridge and paper

Lexmark ink has some special properties. Lexmark chemists have developed a special black dye to replace the liquid dye. The dispersant keeps the very small carbon particles in the ink in a suspended state without being deposited by gravity. Black dyes are very sensitive to pH value, that is, the solubility of dyes decreases with the decrease of pH value. This ensures that the dye is still soluble when placed on paper; However, as the ink dries, its solubility decreases. The sample printed with this ink is still legible even if it is soaked in water

another feature is that Lexmark ink cartridge adopts the integrated design of print head ink box. At present, the popular ink cartridges are divided into two types: the integrated design of print head ink box and the split design. These two different design systems have their own advantages. The integrated design can achieve relatively high printing accuracy. At present, Lexmark can achieve the printing accuracy of 2400 assumption, which can not handle the doubt *1200dpi. In addition, another advantage of the integrated design is that it can maintain the print quality for a long time, so that the print quality will not be reduced due to the wear of the printing head. In this way, the trouble of sending the whole printer to repair due to the blockage or wear of the printing head is avoided. The main advantage of the split ink cartridge is that it can replace the print inks of different colors. However, due to the separation of the print head and the ink cartridge, the print head must be flushed again each time a new ink cartridge is installed or the printer is not used for a period of time, which will cause a certain degree of waste. Lexmark ink cartridge adopts laser excimer cutting technology, which can create more accurate ink drops and fully improve the printing quality. Moreover, Lexmark provides users with high-capacity ink cartridges, even the entry-level products of Lexmark, whose capacity can reach 1.5-2.5 times that of other brand ink cartridges

through the above detailed introduction, we must have a certain understanding of the real value of genuine printer consumables. It is suggested that consumers should comprehensively evaluate the cost of printing consumables and choose printing machine consumables with high cost performance in combination with their own use of tensile strength testing concept

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