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What is the situation of LNG engineering machinery in the past few years

lng, the English abbreviation of liquefied natural gas, is becoming more and more popular as a clean energy. Many countries have listed LNG as the preferred fuel, and its proportion in energy supply has increased rapidly. Nowadays, LNG has been put into use in many industries in China. As a major energy consumer, the construction machinery industry has also had a relatively mature application of LNG products

in the years before 2015, LNG enjoyed a great success in the construction machinery industry with its clean, efficient and environment-friendly characteristics. At a time when the oil price remained high, the sound of environmental protection became more and more intense, and the emission standards were upgraded, many construction machinery enterprises scrambled to include LNG products in the product sequence of priority research and development. XCMG, Sany, XCMG, Liugong, Shandong Lingong, Reza heavy industries and many other engineering machinery enterprises have launched LNG products including loaders, excavators, concrete mixers, pump trucks, etc., especially loaders and concrete mixer trucks

however, in the past few years, what is the situation of LNG engineering machinery today

according to China Construction machinery trade, although the LNG construction machinery products before 2015 were well received, they were not sold. Whether it was the price of LNG products higher than that of diesel powered products or the number of gas stations, the sales of LNG construction machinery products relative to the total sales were very few

with the continuous decline of oil price in 2015, the cost advantage of original LNG has been weakening. The price of diesel in 2015 is even cheaper than LNG for a period of time, making the immature LNG construction machinery market even worse

since 2017, with the recovery of the construction machinery market, the increase in the number of gas filling stations, the growing noise of environmental protection and the continuous correction of oil prices, LNG construction machinery products have begun to appear again in the industry

the number of LNG filling stations is increasing.

according to statistics, in 2002, there were only two LNG filling stations in China. In 2011, there were less than 200 LNG stations in China, which increased to more than 600 in 2012 and nearly 2000 in 2013... In 2016, the number of LNG stations in China reached 2460, an increase of 8.85% over 2015

from the perspective of national distribution, LNG stations in China are mostly concentrated in North China and East China coastal areas, which coincide with downstream consumption areas. In terms of quantity, there is still a big difference between LNG filling stations and about 96800 gas stations in China, but its continuous development is indeed visible. According to the analysis, in the future, with the deepening of LNG promotion, the number of LNG filling stations in China is expected to exceed 4000, and the problem of few filling points that once plagued the promotion of LNG engineering machinery products is gradually being solved

policies continue to increase LNG to welcome great development

in order to accelerate the utilization of natural gas, improve the proportion of natural gas in China's primary energy consumption structure, and effectively control air pollution. Recently, 13 departments including the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the opinions on promoting natural gas utilization

the opinions put forward that in the future, natural gas will gradually become one of the main energy sources of China's modern clean energy system. By 2020, the proportion of natural gas in China's primary energy consumption structure will strive to reach about 10%, and the effective working gas volume of underground gas storage will reach 14.8 billion cubic meters; By 2030, we will strive to increase the proportion of natural gas in primary energy consumption to about 15%, and the effective working gas volume of underground gas storage will be more than 35billion cubic meters

at the same time, the opinions encourages local governments to provide supporting financial support according to local conditions to promote the development of natural gas pipelines, natural gas vehicles and ships, marine LNG filling stations, natural gas peak shaving power stations and other projects. This provides policy support for the promotion of LNG engineering machinery products

lng engineering machinery products are constantly upgraded and the economy is highlighted.

with the rapid development of technology, engineering machinery products are also constantly upgraded. New technologies such as energy saving and consumption reduction, intelligent control, etc. are intensively reflected in various engineering machinery products. And L more and more bioplastics appear in the packaging field. Ng engineering machinery products are also constantly upgraded, and the economy is also constantly highlighted

taking XCMG loaders as an example, in May, 2015, XCMG delivered 120 third-generation LNG loaders with foreign allies or official organizations to Qian'an Jiujiang logistics, making it the largest LNG loader in the world. Now, two years have passed, and it is time for him to hand in his report card

"XCMG's equipment still performs well after two years of high load operation, which fully demonstrates the quality of XCMG's products and that our choice was completely correct at the beginning. In the two years since the launch of the 'green steel' initiative, thousands of tons of carbon emissions have been reduced, nearly 20million yuan of expenditure has been saved for the company, and remarkable social and economic benefits have been achieved." Introduction by the person in charge of Qian'an Jiujiang logistics

the report card handed in by XCMG 120 LNG loaders is undoubtedly eye-catching. Liuxiaobo, general manager of lower marketing company of XCMG shoveling machinery business, said, "From 2009, XCMG's first generation LNG loaders came into the market, until around 2012, XCMG launched its second generation LNG products. By the end of 2014, at the beginning of 2015, XCMG's LNG loaders were upgraded again and launched the third generation LNG products, which further established XCMG's first brand position in the industry. The energy consumption and performance of the products have undergone earth shaking changes. Under the superposition of economic environment and market demand, XCMG's LNG loaders Innovation has opened a precedent for new energy power. "

as for the development of LNG products in the future, which are mainly powered by hydraulic oil, liuxiaobo said, "At present, the central and local governments have issued a number of environmental protection policies to strengthen the promotion and use of clean energy such as LNG, so as to reduce air pollution. XCMG has sold dozens of shovels in 2009, and now hundreds of shovels. Both the quality and quantity of products have changed qualitatively. In the future, with the national support for the use of LNG clean energy, the proportion of LNG loaders and other construction machinery products in the whole construction machinery series will increase gradually The annual increase will certainly be affirmed and favored by more and more users! "

lng engineering machinery has experienced more than two years of sedimentation, and the market undoubtedly has great potential. However, how to promote LNG engineering machinery products to the market on a large scale and truly make users feel the environmental protection, cost and other advantages of LNG products requires continuous running in between enterprises and the market, rapid follow-up of the post market and strong support from the government. There is still a long way to go for the development of LNG engineering machinery. However, it is believed that with the use and promotion of LNG, the continuous progress of technology, and the promotion of environmental protection policies and concepts, LNG engineering machinery will usher in a stable growth space in the future and become an important part of the engineering machinery family

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