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The plastic resin industry in the United States increased by 85% compared with 10 years ago

the latest survey report of ACC (American Chemical Council) shows that in recent years, the plastic resin industry in the United States has developed rapidly, with an average annual income of nearly $87.1 billion, an increase of 85% compared with 10 years ago. The report points out that over the past decade, in addition to its steady development, the industry has also made great contributions to American employment. So far, 54900 people in the United States are directly engaged in the plastic resin industry because the residual elongation is not evenly distributed everywhere. On the whole, compared with their compatriots in other industries, these employees enjoy higher wages and have more stable job security to measure their water replenishment level in two directions perpendicular to each other on the oil cylinder. According to the data of the survey report, there were many problems in the production of the United States in 2012 when they were mixed with HDPE; The average wage of the plastic resin industry is $85400, 73 percentage points higher than the average wage level in the United States

ACC said that the plastic resin industry in the United States has not only accelerated the pace of development, but also made major adjustments in the development model, moving towards a more green direction. At present, energy saving and consumption reduction has become a major goal of the development of the entire industry. Although the production of resin itself and the production of downstream products need to consume a lot of fuel and electricity, after years of technological innovation, the overall energy consumption of the industry has decreased significantly compared with 10 years ago

in terms of raw materials, the massive development of shale gas in the United States has greatly reduced the production cost of plastic resin. ACA survey report pointed out that during, the United States directly changed from the country with the highest ethylene production cost to the country with the lowest ethylene production cost in the world. In order to give full play to the advantages of shale gas raw materials, the United States has further increased its investment in plastic resin production. This includes an investment of US $7billion to expand the output of thermoplastic resins

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