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Plastic recycling industry needs good guidance

waste plastic recycling is a new industry in China, and it was initially developed by some small enterprises like family workshops. Therefore, the disorder, spontaneity and chaos of its development are inevitable. The reason is simple. What people see when they intervene in this industry is only interests, or more interests. In the absence of external pressure constraints, they naturally will not, at least will not consider other issues such as environmental protection, industrial structure, market norms and so on. Previously, the waste plastic recycling industry in Wen'an was widely criticized by the society due to secondary pollution, which is a good proof. At this time, the government and the competent department of the industry are needed to guide and regulate

waste plastic recycling is a good industry that benefits the country, the people and the industry. Because of this, the state has been fully supporting the development of this industry in recent years. In this sense, the vigorous development of waste plastic recycling in Yin village, Wen'an County, Hebei Province is a great good thing and a good industry that should be vigorously supported. However, a good industry must also be guided, managed and served well in order to make this industry more standardized, more valuable and more dynamic

according to the investigation, the waste plastic recycling industry in Wen'an is not what it was a few years ago. Not only the widely concerned secondary pollution problem has been properly solved, but also the industrial structure and product safety have been improved. This is the result of scientific guidance

it is reported that Wen'an has invested 1.4 billion yuan to build the only super large Dongdu renewable resources and environmental protection industrial base in Hebei Province that has been approved by the State Environmental Protection Administration for carbon dioxide and water conservation and implemented the park management mode. In this industrial park, the recycling of waste plastics will form a standardized and large-scale industrial chain, which will play a very important role in guiding the development of waste plastics industry in Wen'an to carry out the research on the preparation technology and engineering transformation of key monomers and additives, and the preparation and utilization of resins and materials. Perhaps, not all waste plastic recycling enterprises in Wen'an can enter this industrial base, that is, to test how much pressure the object can bear before it deforms or breaks. However, this policy guidance of Wen'an County Government will have a huge driving effect on the townships and towns under it with waste plastic recycling industry. If the waste plastic industry in Wen'an can be put on the track of healthy development as soon as possible and on a larger scale through similar guidance, it will really live up to the name of the largest waste 264 building materials and component plastics distribution center in the north

please ask the local government to guide this good industry

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