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Plastic sheet and molding machine (Part 1)

at present, plastic packaging sheet is mainly used to produce disposable plastic cups, plates, bowls, plates, boxes and other thermoformed products, and is widely used in the packaging of food, vegetables, fruits, beverages, dairy products, industrial parts and other fields. Is it normal to control the water level of the humidification boiler? With the increasing domestic demand, the use of packaging plastic thermoforming sheets is becoming more and more extensive, and the consumption is also increasing year by year, with a promising prospect

with the national attention to environmental protection, "environmental degradation sheet production line" has been able to successfully supply various types of "degradation sheets" to the market. The "nano sheet" made of "nano plastic" has become another focus of attention and a new "selling point" for manufacturers. In order to improve the shelf life and shelf life of food, "sheet with high barrier performance" has become the goal of various production enterprises

the common methods of producing plastic packaging sheets are calendering, which is mainly used to produce PVC, PVDC and other sheets; The other is extrusion method, which is used to produce BOPS, EPS, pet, PP, hips and other sheets. The sheet mentioned in this paper mainly refers to the sheet used for thermoformed packaging products produced by the process of "Extruder - T-head - three roller calendering device - coiling"

with the development of packaging sheets, the domestic industry producing sheet machines has also continuously introduced advanced configurations and new models. For more than ten years, the cooperation between sheet production and sheet machine manufacturing enterprises has jointly promoted the development of domestic packaging industry. The introduction of foreign capital and imported equipment has also improved the overall development level of the plastic sheet industry. New sheet processing technology and new raw and auxiliary materials have been brought into full play in the configuration of advanced equipment

the gradual improvement of domestic sheet machine manufacturing level has promoted the increase of domestic plastic sheet production enterprises and the diversification of sheet varieties, and also promoted the unprecedented prosperity of thermoforming packaging industry. At present, the development of China's sheet machine industry generally has the following trends:

first, the "vertical three roll" sheet production line configured with a single "separate single screw extruder" tends to be saturated. Most domestic thermoforming enterprises have this kind of sheet production line, which has made great contributions to the enterprises' early occupation of the market, accumulation of funds and technological development. The sheets produced by it can basically meet the production requirements, but the sheets produced by it, especially the hips sheets, cannot produce satisfactory gloss, and the grade is low

at present, the technology of this sheet machine has been quite mature. It is expected that by 2020, the assembly capacity will be easy, the parts will be easy to buy, the configuration will be simple, the operation will be simple, the price will be cheap, and the maintenance cost will be very low. It has become a popular model. Fierce competition has forced some sheet machine manufacturers to convert to other products. For example, "Beijing Shengan" has focused on "the development of aluminum-plastic composite panels"; "Shantou Dacheng" is moving towards a higher-grade sheet production line, and some manufacturers have shifted from sheet machine production to sheet processing, plastic cup manufacturing, blister and other industries

with this sheet machine, PP, hips, PE egg tray sheets, plastic packaging sheets, etc. can be processed: if the calendering roller is replaced by an air knife, thinner plastic absorbing sheets can be produced. However, at present, most of the domestic equipment is not equipped with this device, which brings many inconveniences to the production enterprises and restricts the development of enterprises in the field of sheet materials and molded products to a certain extent

second, in the sheet production line configured by single extrusion, the "electromagnetic dynamic extruder" pioneered in China has been successfully applied in the sheet production line

it has the advantages of energy saving, material saving, uniform plasticization and so on. It can produce a variety of materials. In the recommended catalogue of the first batch of new energy passenger cars in 2017, the price is not expensive. This kind of extruder with "Chinese characteristics" should be vigorously promoted and continuously improved, equipped with advanced follow-up equipment and control system, and introduce China's own advanced production line to the world, so as to change the development state of always following others. For example, "Shantou Weida" has launched several production lines of this kind of sheet to the market, and the market has responded well. (to be continued)

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