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Plastic straws will be banned for use for only a few minutes at the end of the year, but the degradation time will take 500 years

release date: Source: China industry information

in January this year, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of ecological environment issued the opinions on further strengthening plastic pollution control, stipulating that the use of non degradable disposable plastic straws in the catering industry nationwide will be prohibited by the end of 2020

plastic straws were banned at the end of the year, and catering enterprises' "changing clothes"

it was less than half a year before the deadline for the ban. On June 30, McDonald's China announced that from now on, nearly 1000 restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen will take the lead in disabling plastic straws, while fine-tuning the design of direct drinking cup covers

McDonald's China said that the relevant plastic reduction measures will cover the mainland of China in 2020. It is understood that there are more than 3500 McDonald's restaurants in mainland China, and the average annual use of plastic straws is about 400 tons

as the world's largest coffee chain, Starbucks announced in 2018 that it would completely stop using plastic straws worldwide this year. Previously, Starbucks' average annual use of plastic straws in China was about 200 tons

it is found that 3. Generally, the clip adopts excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel on the takeout platform. Many catering stores have increased the options of "not using plastic straws" and "using paper straws instead of plastic straws" to advocate consumers to reduce the use of plastic straws

according to the data, the cumulative output of plastic products nationwide in 2019 was 81.84 million tons, including nearly 30000 tons of plastic straws, about 46 billion pieces, and more than 30 pieces per capita. Industry experts said that the use time of plastic straws was only a few minutes, but the degradation time could be as long as 500 years, making it difficult to recover and use

the replacement cost and use experience of paper straws are difficult problems to be solved.

from September 1 this year, the newly revised law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste will be implemented. Those who fail to comply with the relevant national regulations prohibiting and restricting the use of disposable plastic products such as non degradable plastic bags will be fined 10000 to 100000 compared with traditional materials. Driven by mandatory policies and some enterprises, more and more enterprises have joined the action of plastic restriction

most consumers understand and support the prohibition of plastic straws, but there are still some consumers who say that it is inconvenient to disable them. Considering the consumption habits, especially for milk tea shops and beverage shops that rely heavily on the use of straws, it has become a top priority to find products that can replace plastic straws and guide consumers to use them. It was found that some stores have printed the outer packaging of plastic straws with the logo of "reducing the use of straws and being more environmentally friendly", and put the tool cartridges of paper straws and plastic straws on the service desk at the same time to guide consumers to use them

however, for customers, there are still differences in the use experience between plastic straws and paper straws. 4. Before loading the test piece, for enterprises, how to control costs while improving customer experience has become an urgent problem to be solved. It is understood that the average cost of a plastic straw is about 0.03, and that of a paper straw is about 0.1. The paper straw is not only more expensive, but also has the experience of using it. The output signal of the amplifier unit changes linearly, and the data needs to be optimized

however, some industry insiders and experts also said that with the breakthrough and innovation of new materials and new technologies, it is not difficult to replace plastic straw with environmental protection

liujianguo, a professor at the school of environment, Tsinghua University, said that plastic straws can be replaced by biodegradable bioplastics, or recycled products such as paper or bamboo, plant straw, glass, metal, etc

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