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Plastics: swine flu crazy PP market is bleak

on April 29, the PP spot market has been stagnant for several days due to the unintended receipt of goods by downstream enterprises, as well as the weak oil price and low-cost sources of PP imports. The market is silent with high-precision ball screws. The new outbreak of swine flu spread around the world, causing market confidence to be frustrated and bearish. Merchants sell goods at low prices, but the trading is depressed. Even if they sell goods at a reduced price, it will not help. It is customary to wait and see in the downstream. The transaction is difficult

market conditions

the PP market in North China is weak, the mood of merchants fluctuates, there is no hope of receiving goods downstream, and the transaction is depressed. The mainstream quotation is RMB/ton, and environmental protection cloth bags have been vigorously promoted since 2017. The inquiry in Tianjin PP market was light, the quotation was mainly negative, and the transaction was light. Sinopec T30S is in yuan/ton and EPS30R is in yuan/ton. The supply of PP market in Qilu Chemical City was normal, the quotation fell, and there were not many transactions. T30S is quoted at 9500 yuan/ton, and EPS30R is quoted at 11700 yuan/ton. Downstream demand is limited. The PP market in Linyi has a light trading volume, the merchants do not ship much, and the price drops slightly. Latest offer: Qingdao T30S does not include tax declaration of 9000 yuan/ton, and Zhongyuan t30s5 ensures a smooth power supply during the test and operation process, excluding tax declaration of 9050 yuan/ton. The overall trend of the PP market in Beijing is weak. Traders' sentiment is not high, and the transaction situation is depressed. T30S is reported at 9500 yuan/ton, while Eps3 operational amplifier damage 0r is reported at 11400 yuan/ton

the PP market in East China is weak, the price has declined, and the market wait-and-see atmosphere is strong. It is difficult to deal with high priced goods, and the actual transaction price is low. The mainstream quotation is yuan/ton. With the poor transaction in Shanghai PP market for several days, traders have been short and shipped cash out. The price continued to fall on April 29, with T30S at 9550 yuan/ton. The seller said that there was a firm offer to negotiate. The quotation of PP market in Nanjing is upside down, and the merchants' mentality is poor. The latest offer: Yangzi F401 is reported at 9500 yuan/ton, and copolymerization K8003 and j340 are reported at about 11100 yuan/ton. The confidence of the PP market in Hangzhou has been damaged, and the trading has fallen into a deadlock. The quotations of major agents have approached the cost or even hung upside down. The mainstream quotation of T30S is yuan/ton, and there are few transactions

the atmosphere of PP transaction in South China was poor, the price fell slightly, and the factory did not take delivery. The transaction is not good. The mainstream quotation is about yuan/ton. The buying sentiment in Xiamen PP market is low, and the price continues to fall slightly. Traders follow the market, making it difficult to conclude transactions. The T30S price is RMB/ton. Shunde PP market quotation weakened, with a range of about 100 yuan/ton. Downstream factories have light inquiries and few actual transactions, making it difficult for the market to achieve transactions. Shantou PP market quotation continued to decline, with a range of yuan/ton. Traders have difficulties in shipping, so they have to give in order to ship. Hainan T30S does not include tax at yuan/ton, and v30g does not include tax at 9250 yuan/ton

analysis and prediction of influencing factors

the oil price was deeply affected by the "swine flu" and fell below $50. The market was not good, the demand of downstream enterprises was poor, and the merchants hung on the price upside down, but it was unable to change the impasse of the market at the end of the month. With the gradual increase of low-cost sources of imports in the market, businesses' confidence in the future market has been greatly damaged. At present, petrochemical implements the policy of reducing production and volume to provide support for the market with the price protection. Tomorrow is the day before the May Day holiday. It is expected that the market will remain weak, and the quotation of merchants may be generally stable, mainly with small fluctuations

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