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The plastic summit will carry out low-carbon environmental protection to the end

in order to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and protect the earth on which we live, "low-carbon life" has been high-profile integrated into our lives. With the development of plastic science and technology, plastic is used more and more widely in daily life, but plastic brings convenience to people and also causes environmental pollution

plastic is a renewable resource. If it can be reasonably recycled and utilized, it can not only be converted into plastic raw materials again. We are further strengthening the research and development of materials, and reducing the harm to the environment. On August 7, Shenzhen South China city will usher in "innovation, development and leap" "The plastic industry development exchange conference will discuss how to develop the plastic circular economy, which can not only effectively reduce the environmental burden of designing a hydraulic system with simple structure, reliable work, high efficiency, good economy and convenient use and maintenance, but also save resources. It is also an inevitable way to achieve the sustainable development of the plastic industry and make positive contributions to the sustainable development of the economy and society. The summit will explore with the upstream and downstream enterprises of plastic, Promote the sustainable development of the economy and carry out environmental protection and low carbon to the end

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