Seven crimes caused by the hottest environmental s

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The "seven crimes" caused by the environmental storm

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core tip: [China Packaging News] 01 forced shutdown and rectification are OK. Forced demolition is why the production equipment of a bathroom factory in Changge was forcibly dismantled in 45 seconds, and the landlady sat down and cried bitterly. Here, the production equipment of a bathroom factory in Changge was forcibly dismantled in 45 seconds, and the landlady sat down and cried bitterly. Prior to this, more than 700 enterprises in Changge have been shut down for rectification. This kind of violent demolition phenomenon is also becoming more and more intense in the waste recycling industry, which has been banned repeatedly

the problem has not been solved, and the deadline has not come yet. Why does the forced demolition of equipment destroy the foundation of people's survival? Even if you don't allow to continue to open factories without passing the environmental protection standard, these equipment can also be sold back some blood, but you chose to forcibly dismantle it. Is it too inhumane and suspicious of "taking chicken feathers as an arrow"

it is mainly aimed at weak and small enterprises, which is unfair

some people deny such enterprises completely on the ground that the cost of renovation and recovery of small and medium-sized enterprises far exceeds the GDP they create, believing that such enterprises are "negative energy" of economic development and harmful cancer, so they should be banned and shut down

then carry out the friction experiment

this is an extremely ignorant, shameless and unscrupulous understanding

according to the statistics of relevant national departments, there are 40million small and medium-sized enterprises in China, accounting for 99% of the total number of enterprises, contributing 60% of China's GDP, 50% of taxes and 80% of urban employment. Similarly, in the world, small and medium-sized enterprises are the main force of a country's economy and the most valued group

these people think unilaterally from the perspective of environmental protection. They need to know that the ultimate goal of environmental remediation is people's livelihood and economy. This is a systematic work. It is necessary to ensure that the unemployed have a way to survive after the shutdown, and the economic stability will not be affected. This process is gradual. Moreover, China's pollution is far from the problem of small enterprises or what kind of enterprises. It should integrate various factors. At present, China is fully capable of doing a good job in environmental protection without sacrificing individual interests

the local lazy government should manually control the loading speed valve to control the rising speed of the piston (the speed and safety valve are in one body), and things are done in a mess

many small and medium-sized enterprises also have a clear attitude, agree that environmental protection is a good thing for the country and the people, and are willing to actively cooperate with the government environmental protection department to rectify. But in most cases, they don't know how to change and how to meet the standard. They don't know what kind of equipment is qualified, and the government department hasn't given a clear guidance plan, saying to shut down immediately, without giving them a chance to breathe. In the actual environmental protection rectification action, one can also monitor the power quality that meets the en 61000 (4) (3) 0 standard. Some local law enforcement officers have many defects, and the phenomenon of lazy government and inaction is not an example

a boss who has been a furniture enterprise for more than 30 years said, "national governance of the environment is a good thing for the country and the people, and we as enterprises will fully support and cooperate. We also want blue sky, white clouds, green mountains and green water. At that time, I asked the law enforcement personnel whether my equipment was unqualified? Or what was the problem? The law enforcement personnel answered: if I said unqualified, I would be unqualified, and I can find you a hundred reasons for being unqualified." Subsequently, the enterprise was shut down. This kind of answer is tantamount to waving a butcher's knife at the people and shutting down many families that rely on this small enterprise for survival, cold and ruthless

some business owners wail: we are really afraid of the "three light" policy: light fines, light arrests, light seals! We want to rectify in our hearts, but we don't know the details of the specification, no one guides, and the most important thing is that we don't have a chance to change

the top is not the bottom, and the problem of one size fits all is serious.

after being interviewed by the central Ministry of environmental protection, some local government officials and law enforcement personnel dare not tell the truth and truth in order to protect themselves. They cannot proceed from reality and worry about investigation and go to extreme blame. They often ignore the three seven twenty-one, and first "one size fits all" according to the requirements of their superiors: the factory is sealed, the power is cut off, and regardless of the enterprise's norms, shut down first. Is this the implementation of the party's environmental protection policy? This is seriously contrary to the purpose of serving the people

some private enterprise bosses lamented that the strict investigation of environmental protection should have been carried out, but the sports and one size fits all environmental storm has gradually changed, and a massive "action to protect the blue sky" has become the cry of countless private enterprises

environmental protection issues will never be solved at a glance. It is recognized that the problem of development can only be solved by continuing development, rather than choosing to close the door and not develop. This is the correct view of development and supervision

the problems left over by history are serious and difficult to return.

it is reported that "bombing" supervision throughout the year has a reason. In 2013, the Ministry of environmental protection was entrusted by the State Council to sign target books with 31 provincial governments across the country. If the air quality improvement target required by the "ten national articles of atmosphere" is not achieved, all provinces will face accountability. In the last year of the first stage of the "ten national standards for atmosphere", the assessment is imminent, but the gap between the standards is not small. "

in this regard, Lao tie said that the plan four years ago was implemented in the last year. Isn't it the same as that children began to do their homework in the last few days of the holiday? It's a joke

even if economic development should be at the expense of the environment, it cannot be indulged. Most of the time, the "theory of sacrificing the environment" is just an argument for lazy politics and inaction in some places

unilateral rectification, unsystematic and incurable

to solve the environmental protection problems of enterprises, we can't just shut down and ban, which is a simple and rough cold and violent law enforcement; After the shutdown, the problem of pollution was gone, but the problem of people's survival came. Pressing the gourd to float the ladle did not fundamentally solve the problem

in the final analysis, it is still a system problem. The government has not considered the problem as a whole. All departments only do their own things and enforce their own laws. As a result, the Ministry of environmental protection has done the preliminary investigation and treatment work, but no one has done the aftermath work. This makes it difficult to do environmental protection work. Some people ridicule that the Ministry of environmental protection is not stupid, but in an awkward position

indeed, what the Ministry of environmental protection is doing now is to wipe the bottom of the mess left by the government's blind pursuit of GDP, which is not popular. This is caused by the system

environmental protection policies change day and night, and there is no coherent system

some textile people said: policies should be continuous. Today, a policy is waiting for you to invest and rectify; Tomorrow is another policy, and the last rectification will not work again! One department is the same, which makes us very embarrassed

a frustrated foundry owner said: in November 2016, the Environmental Protection Bureau claimed that coal-fired boilers must be equipped with filtration devices to ensure that the chimney emits white smoke, and that a fine of 50000 yuan must be paid before handling the environmental assessment report. When we nervously spent more than 200000 yuan in a month for environmental assessment and retrofitting of coal-fired boilers, the statement of the environmental protection department changed, saying that we should limit production

by February 2017, the state held a general meeting, requiring all industrial power enterprises to stop production, not with any certificates and reports. Once investigated, detained and fined, they had to endure. After the conference, everyone rushed to work overnight, because the delay was too long. However, after April 1, xiong'an new area was established, all small and dirty enterprises around were demolished (whether you have reported it or not), and all residents must replace natural gas stoves. Five months later, earth shaking changes have taken place in national policies, and the people have no knowledge and can only accept them passively

in the face of this increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements

while we strive to adhere to it

we also need to learn and explore

find new development breakthroughs

we can't wait to die

we must learn to keep pace with the times

I believe this day will not be too far away

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