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Seven commonly used sizes in silk screen printing process

1 Water slurry (bond slurry)

the so-called water slurry is a kind of water-based slurry, which is not strong in hand feel and coverage on clothes. It is only suitable for printing on light colored fabrics. The price is relatively flat, and it belongs to a low-end printing type. But it also has an advantage, because it will not affect the original texture of the fabric, so it is more suitable for large-area printing pattern metal materials

2. Glue (water-based ink)

the emergence and wide application of glue after water-based ink, because its coverage is very good, it can print any light color on dark clothes, and has a certain gloss and three-dimensional sense, which makes ready-made clothes look more high-end, so it has to be popularized rapidly, and it will be used on almost every printed t. However, because it has a certain hardness, it is not suitable for large-area field patterns. Large-area patterns are best printed with water slurry, and then the waste plastic is cleaned. At present, manual cleaning or mechanical cleaning are generally used to decorate some glue, which can not only solve the problem of large-area glue hardness, but also highlight the hierarchical sense of the pattern; Another way is to steal large-area field patterns and make them look rotten, but they are always a little hard to wear, so it is better to combine water and glue to solve the problem of large-area printing

3. Thick board paste (thermosetting ink or water-based thick board paste)

thick board paste is derived from the glue. It is like the glue printing many layers repeatedly. It can achieve a very neat three-dimensional effect. Generally speaking, the process requirements are relatively high, so the general printing is small, and the dispersion is 1 CDs@MOF Composite material factories can't print well. Some of them don't even have this technology, let alone print well, but it is the printing method that is currently popular all over the world! Generally, it is suitable for sports and leisure models. In terms of patterns, numbers, letters, geometric patterns, lines, etc. should not be too small. Some people also have a unique style to print flower patterns, which can be seen on autumn and winter leather or thick fabrics

4. Ink (thermosetting ink or silk screen printing ink)

at first glance, ink is not very different from glue, but when glue is printed on smooth fabrics such as windbreaker, its color fastness is generally very poor. It can be scraped off with a strong blow with your fingernails, but ink can overcome this shortcoming. Therefore, when making windbreaker, we usually use ink to print

5. Nylon pulp

nylon pulp is said to have good tension, which may be named because it is less elastic than nylon. Feel thin and cool

6 Bead planting clothing is a process with high requirements. At present, only a few factories can do it well, and most factories have almost no such process

planting beads is also called toothbrush flowers. The effect of the finished product is like the toothbrush whiskers standing up one by one. It is said that a flower needs to be printed 20 or 30 times before it can be printed well. The height of the finished product can reach about 0.3cm. Its top is in the shape of a ball, which can be made of other colors on it. It seems to be covered with beads, so it is also called planting beads

7. Hand painted clothing

the effect of hand-painted clothing is a little similar to that of printing, but it is more flexible and free. It can be seen that it is equivalent to painting Asian clothing on clothes. This sentence can almost be made clear by hand-painted. This year, I saw some high-end women's clothing fabrics in the fabric market. I feel that they are a combination of hand-painted and hand-painted technology. Finally, with nail beads, they sell for more than 40 yuan per yard, but there are few operators. I have cooperated with a hand-painted before, The price is not very expensive, maybe for this reason, but once there is damage, he has changed his profession now. Hand painting is painted with acrylic paint that is insoluble in water after drying. Interested friends can buy a box at the art store and paint one by themselves ~ ~ used to be painted on T-shirts and jeans Now it has been widely used in all kinds of fabrics and even chiffon. Combined with this year's national customs, it has another charm

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