Seven basic principles for the implementation of t

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Seven basic principles for the implementation of corporate culture strategic planning

one fulcrum and three main principles

among the fulcrum and three main lines of the implementation points of Jingsheng corporate culture management consulting, corporate philosophy is the fulcrum of this top priority, because all cultural implementation comes from this core idea, and we must closely focus on this fulcrum, deeply understand and integrate, In order to pry up the three main lines of the implementation of corporate culture (cultural line experimental force resolution: 0.1kn, strategic line, HR line), and not get lost in all kinds of ritual activities. Grasping the key of enterprise philosophy, what activities to carry out is just a question of which card to play. The concept is the most important weight. The concept is not clear, and the following can not be carried out

among the three main lines, the most urgent problem to be solved at present is the synergy between culture and strategy. According to the strategic operation, the human resources department should seize the opportunity to strengthen CC in a timely manner and provide spiritual incentives. At the same time, we should allocate work according to the phased tasks of the strategic planning of corporate culture

forward looking principle

to overcome the corporate culture construction thought of eager for quick success and instant benefit, we should fully understand the systematicness, long-term and arduousness of corporate culture, based on high and far, and look at corporate culture from the future, not from the present

perceptual rationalization principle

the construction of enterprise culture is a process of combining perceptual thinking with rational thinking. While giving full play to perceptual thinking, we must fully combine the characteristics of strategy and HR rational thinking, and realize the rational institutional management of enterprise culture, which can measure the secant modulus of elasticity under strain. If it can form practical quantitative indicators, it can form practical institutional norms, and it must be institutionalized

the principle of doing before knowing

we must not fall into the mystery of pursuing understanding because of the thinking of the higher level of the corporate culture. We must make the corporate culture constantly move. The transmission device and vacuum tube must reflect the corporate culture in practice

principle of layer by layer decomposition

whether quantifiable indicators or indicators that are difficult to quantify, the principle of layer by layer decomposition must be implemented; Corporate culture is not a department of the human resources department, but the work of integrating the upper and lower levels; We must strengthen the middle-level management. 1. According to the classification method, it can be divided into metal material testing machine, non-metal material testing machine, dynamic balance testing machine, vibration table and nondestructive testing machine, etc. the cultivation, promotion and assessment of the executive ability of enterprise culture

tabulation principle

in the process of corporate culture operation, we must try to use tables and graphics to strengthen the rational thinking mode. Gradually, while exploring the implementation methods suitable for the corporate culture strategy of a company, establish a set of management tools for corporate culture strategy

sensitivity principle

the implementation of corporate culture strategy requires that practitioners should cultivate sharp vision, learn to "see the big from the small", and see the depth in the details. The cultivation of such a keen degree requires that the practitioners of corporate culture strategy should deeply understand the essence of a company's philosophy and constantly excavate the vivid cases of the enterprise


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