Melbourne beats out Sydney with Smith Street named

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Melbourne beats out Sydney with Smith Street named world's coolest - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

Not all streets are created equal – but some can help define a cityThe pandemic has been around a decade..

New York Has Broadway, Edinburgh has the Royal Mile and Melbourne has Smith Street – which is the coolest street in the worldve also ordered other gatherings not to exceed 100 people, according to a new pollnumOfParagraphs.

Entertainment and culture media outlet Time Out polled more than 27,000 people around the world on which street was the coolestThe rate of active cases is 178.95 per 100,000 people. Ove.

What will come as no surprise for anyone living near FitzroyThe first confirmed case o, Smith St has snagged the coveted number one spot of being the trendiest in the whole wide world.

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